Why was Enterprise Cancelled?

Why was Enterprise Cancelled?

A litany of bad decisions led Star Trek: Enterprise to be the first show in the franchise to be cancelled since The Original Series in 1969. Enterprise was cancelled because it was BAD. When Voyager started UPN was aimed at a young male skewing audience, and shared the network with shows like 7 Days and Jake 2.0.

What nationality is Jolene Blalock?

Jolene Blalock/Nationality

Will there be a season 4 of Enterprise?

Star Trek: Enterprise (season 4)

Star Trek: Enterprise
No. of episodes 22
Original network UPN
Original release October 8, 2004 – May 13, 2005

Is Star Trek: Enterprise a prequel?

Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, and based upon Gene Roddenberry’s classic 1966 Star Trek (and its subsequent spin-offs), Enterprise was a prequel set a century before the time of Kirk and Spock. Initially titled as simply Enterprise, the series ran an abbreviated four seasons.

Who does t POL end up with?

After they engage in sex in “Harbinger”, they do not engage in the act again in season 3. In “E²”, an alternate timeline is revealed where Commander Tucker and T’Pol get married and have at least one child, who they meet, called Lorian.

Who is the Vulcan girl on Enterprise?

Jolene Blalock
Jolene Blalock (born March 5, 1975) is an American actress and model. She is best known for playing the Vulcan first officer and science officer T’Pol on the UPN science-fiction series Star Trek: Enterprise….

Jolene Blalock
Occupation Actress model
Years active 1998–2017
Spouse(s) Michael Rapino ​ ( m. 2003)​
Children 3

Does T’Pol marry Koss?

The fourth-season episode “Home” saw T’Pol having to deal with the consequences of her decision, when she chooses to marry Koss in order to save her mother’s professional reputation.

Does Star Trek Enterprise have an ending?

Episode no. “These Are the Voyages…” is the series finale of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise. In this episode, the story moves to the year 2370, when Commander William Riker grapples with making a difficult admission to his commanding officer about a cover-up.

Which is better Star Wars or Star Trek?

William Shatner argues that Star Trek is superior to Star Wars. Russ concludes that despite both their success and popularity, Star Trek comes out as the better of the two, as it is set in “our” galaxy and therefore people can relate better to it, whereas Star Wars takes place in another galaxy.

Is enterprise still canon?

Star Trek: Enterprise remains canon in both of the Star Trek franchise’s main timelines because of the year when one of those timelines was created. Enterprise was the fifth series in the franchise, lasting for four seasons between 2001 and 2005.