Is Nottingham Trent Good for accounting and finance?

Is Nottingham Trent Good for accounting and finance?

Our full-time BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance course has a 99% student satisfaction rate (National Student Survey 2020). Nottingham Business School at NTU is EQUIS and AACSB accredited and ranked Top 20 in the UK for Accounting according to the Guardian University Guide 2021.

What GPA do you need to get into Trent University?

For admission: minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale) from an accredited foreign college diploma level program*. Each applicant is reviewed on an individual basis for meeting English Language Proficiency requirement.

Is Trent University Good Reddit?

Trent is a great school, though it doesn’t have a ton of “prestiege”. It tends to be known as a liberal arts school, even though it has some amazing science and tech programs. Its not exactly well known for it’s finance program, but I think it can be great if you don’t care about prestige.

What is BSc in accounting and finance?

BSc Accounting and Finance is a degree program designed with the aim of training practitioners in the line of finance and accounting. The course shapes up career lines in banking, insurance, taxation, treasury, and financial management among other professional application of the skills learned.

Is it easy to get admission in Trent University?

Located in Peterborough (Ontario), Trent University accepts admission applications with an overall 33% rate.

Does Trent University accept SAT scores?

(SAT or ACT recommended. Tests are not mandatory for students following US curriculum outside of the USA.) Entrance scholarships are available for students with minimum ‘A’ average (3.67 GPA).

Does Trent University require SAT?

Applicants from India must have an average score of 70% in standard XII in the best 4 subjects for admission. There are no separate forms required to apply for scholarships and financial aid at Trent….Highlights.

Application Portal Online Application on OUAC
Average SAT Score Not Required
Average ACT Score Not Required

How many students are enrolled at Trent University?

8,940 (2017)
Trent University/Total enrollment

Is Trent University a good university?

Established in 1964, Trent University is among the top 6.1% of universities in the world. The university is ranked as the best undergraduate university in Ontario for 10 years running, and first in Canada for scholarships and bursaries (Maclean’s University Rankings 2021).

Is Trent a party school?

At Trent University, parties happen any day of the week. Even though Peterborough itself is a relatively small town, its downtown area is still lively, with students flocking to clubs like Sin City. There are also a few parties that are thrown at the campus residences (Champlain) that are a whole lot of fun.

What can I do with Trent University accounting degree?

Articling students in accounting firms are included in this unit group. Financial auditors and accountants are employed by auditing and accounting firms throughout the private and public sectors, or they may be self-employed. Many students say they knew Trent was right for them when they visited campus. Come see for yourself.

How is Nottingham Business School ranked for accounting?

NTU is ranked Top 20 for our Accounting and Finance courses in the Guardian University Guide 2021. Nottingham Business School adopts a distinctive approach to the design of student learning opportunities. Your learning is structured around theory, practice, experience & observation, and reflection & improvement.

Are there any online courses at Trent University?

100 level courses (3) Course Code Description ADMN-1000H Offered: Peterborough Durham Contemp.Issues Management & Organization ADMN-1221H Offered: Online Peterborough Financial Accounting An introduction to ADMN-1620H Offered: Online Intro to Information Systems Wherever an

What are the prerequisites for Economics at Trent University?

Prerequisite: 60% or higher in ECON 1010H and 1020H. A conceptual and methodological analysis of the way individuals react to their employment environment. Topics include motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, group dynamics, and decision-making. Prerequisite: 1.0 ADMN credit.