Is ExamKrackers worth it?

Is ExamKrackers worth it?

It is a good review program that takes a unique approach in providing its students with adequate Examkrackers MCAT practice tests and instructor guidance. Compared to Kaplan or Princeton Review, the program is a cheaper reviewer. However, it is more expensive than budget reviewers such as Magoosh and Gold Standard.

Are ExamKrackers books good?

ExamKrackers is pretty solid for targeted review + filling in any knowledge gaps you may have after taking practice tests. For a more comprehensive content review, Khan Academy videos are pretty great although they can take a long time to watch every video.

Is 8 weeks enough to study for MCAT?

12 weeks, or 3 months, is generally sufficient time to spend studying for the MCAT at about 20 hours per week. If you have 12 weeks to study, aim to finish your content review in 6-8 weeks, which breaks down to between 7 and 10 chapters per week, or at least 1 chapter per day.

Is 90 days enough to study for MCAT?

You will find that 90 days is long enough to thoroughly master the tested content, yet it is short enough to keep you motivated and not burn out. To review, the first month of your preparation period should be dedicated to thoroughly learning the material.

Is 2 months enough time to study for the DAT?

Yes, two months are enough to study for the DAT. In fact, for most people, it’s plenty.

Is 4 months enough time for MCAT?

If you’re a proud average student, be sure to give yourself ample time for MCAT Phase 1. This can range from 2 months of full-time MCAT study to 4 months of part-time MCAT study just for content review. I recommend 6-8 months TOTAL prep for the average student studying 20+ hours per week.

Is Kaplan or Princeton Review books better for MCAT?

We ranked Kaplan much higher than Princeton in our MCAT book comparison, but because of Princeton review’s popularity we decided that it’s important to explain why we believe Kaplan is the better choice.

Is Kaplan or ExamKrackers better for MCAT?

Winner: Kaplan. Yes, you’ll read more pages compared to the books from Examkrackers or TPR, but you’ll also understand complex concepts easily, which is essential to your MCAT performance. Kaplan provides the most number of practice questions at the end of each section.