What does the name kholoud mean?

What does the name kholoud mean?

Meaning of Kholoud: Name Kholoud in the Arabic origin, means Kholoud name means Immortal. Name Kholoud is of Arabic origin and is a Boy name. People with name Kholoud are usuallyby religion.

What does Kholod mean?

It comes from Standard Arabic and it means, immortality, eternity.

What does Ford mean as a name?

The Ford surname is generally believed to have originated as a name bestowed on someone who lived near a ford or river crossing, from the Old English ford, meaning “pass or crossing.”

What does the name khlood mean?

Khulood is a Muslim Girl Name. Khulood name meaning is In Muslim Meaning Is Immortality. The name is originated from Arabic. …

How do you say kholoud?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Kholoud. kholoud. Kh-Oh-LOOD. Kho-l-oud.
  2. Examples of in a sentence.
  3. Translations of Kholoud. Arabic : خلود Hindi : दिल्ली

What ethnicity is the name Ford?

As an Irish surname, Ford was an Anglicized version of three different Gaelic names: “Mac Giolla Naomh,” meaning “son of the devotee of the saints” was a Sept that originated in southern Connemara.

Is Ford a German name?

The surname Ford has several origins. In some cases it originated as a name for someone who lived near a ford, and is therefore derived from the Old English and Middle English ford. In some cases the surname Ford is an americanized form of like-sounding Jewish surnames, or else a translated form of the German Fürth.

Is Ford a gypsy name?

The surname Ford, when found in Ireland, may be of English or Irish origin since many Ford families have immigrated to Ireland at various times in history. For example, a particular noted family of the name in County Meath emigrated from Devon in the fourteenth century.

What is the name Ford short for?

The name Ford is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “dweller at the ford”. Ford can work on its own or be a short form of other names such as Clifford.

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