How much is a Winchester Model 37 single shot shotgun worth?

How much is a Winchester Model 37 single shot shotgun worth?

The Model 37 pictured is a late-production 30″-barreled, 12-ga. example that is unmodified and appears to be unfired. As such, its value would be around $400. “Shooter-grade” 37s can still be had in the $200 range.

When was the Winchester Model 37 made?

The Winchester Model 370 (M37) Single Shot Shotgun is an American firearm. It was in production from 1936-1963 with 1,015,554 units made.

How old is Winchester 37?

The Winchester Model 37 was an American break-action single-shot shotgun produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1936 to 1963. One of Winchester’s better selling products, the Model 37 was a low-cost single-shot shotgun that was quite popular.

Are 16-gauge shotguns rare?

Of all the shotguns in the United States, 12 gauge guns are by far the most popular. The 20 gauge comes in second, followed by the 28 gauge and the . 410 bore. The 10 gauge and 16 gauge are much less common than the rest, but are by no means rare.

Who bought out Iver Johnson?

American Military Arms Corp
Iver Johnson

Type Private
Fate Dissolved
Headquarters Jacksonville, Arkansas , U.S.
Products firearms, bicycles, and motorcycles
Parent American Military Arms Corp

Are Iver Johnson shotguns any good?

They have been manufacturing shotguns for us for many years now, and they have always made very good quality shotguns for an affordable price.

Is the Winchester company still in business?

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was a prominent American maker of repeating firearms, located in New Haven, Connecticut….Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

Industry Firearms
Defunct March 31, 2006
Fate Name still used under license
Headquarters New Haven, Connecticut , United States