What is The Constant Gardener movie about?

What is The Constant Gardener movie about?

Assigned to a new post, reserved British diplomat Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes) relocates to Kenya with his lovely young wife, Tessa (Rachel Weisz), an activist for social justice. When Tessa is found murdered out in the wilderness, circumstances point to her friend, Dr. Arnold Bluhm (Hubert Koundé), but it is soon clear that he’s not the killer. Grief-stricken and angry, Justin sets out to uncover the truth behind Tessa’s murder — and in the process, he unearths some disturbing revelations.
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Is The Constant Gardener a good movie?

The consensus reads, “The Constant Gardener is a smart, gripping, and suspenseful thriller with rich performances from the leads.” It also has a score of 82 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 39 critics, indicating “universal acclaim”. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called it “one of the year’s best films.”

What happened to Justin Quayle?

Plot summary Justin Quayle, a British diplomat in Nairobi, Kenya, is told that his activist wife, Tessa, was killed while travelling with a doctor friend in a desolate region of Africa.

What happened to Tessa in The Constant Gardener?

To keep they’re work and alliance safe (OS Catalyst of Security), Tessa and a colleague are murdered before she can get the word out further (Story Driver of Action). The murders are said to be a crime of passion and blamed on one of her friends (OS Problem of Non-accurate). This is about where the movie begins.

Why is it called The Constant Gardener?

The title refers to Justin’s determination to grow things, literally and figuratively. We see Justin gardening as a hobby, offering gentle but diligent attention to his plants. On a broader thematic level, gardeners never stop digging, and after Tessa’s murder, Justin digs endlessly for the truth.

Where can I see The Constant Gardener?

You are able to stream The Constant Gardener by renting or purchasing on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu. You are able to stream The Constant Gardener for free on IMDb TV.

Is Constant Gardener on Netflix?

Sorry, The Constant Gardener is not available on American Netflix.

What is Constant Gardener?

What inspired The Constant Gardener?

Claim: LeCarre’s “The Constant Gardener” Was Based on Pfizer Trovan Case. (Back story: In 1996, during a meningitis outbreak in Nigeria, Pfizer tested a drug, Trovan, on children there. About 11 kids died. The Washington Post: “Trovan was never approved for use by American children.

Does Netflix Have The Constant Gardener?

Who is streaming The Constant Gardener?

The Constant Gardener | Netflix.

Is The Constant Gardener on Netflix UK?

Sorry, The Constant Gardener is not available on British Netflix.