What is 21 out of 42 Die Hard?

What is 21 out of 42 Die Hard?

“What is 21 out of 42?” At the time of the film’s release, there had been 42 presidents, so 21 out of 42 was President Chester A. Arthur, and Chester A. Arthur Elementary School was where Simon had hidden one of his bombs (a fake one, as it turns out) as a distraction.

What is the riddle in Die Hard with a Vengeance?

Fans of Die Hard With A Vengeance will remember this one: To disable a bomb, Detective John McClane must measure out exactly 4 gallons of water, and place the resulting weight on a scale. His tools are yours: a 3-gallon and a 5-gallon jug—and a single fountain.

What was John McClane badge number?

As they we’re going down, McClane sees the badge on Otto’s blazer jacket pocket and sees the badge number is 6991, Ricky’s badge number.

What is 30 out of 42 as a percentage?

Now we can see that our fraction is 71.428571428571/100, which means that 30/42 as a percentage is 71.4286%.

Who was the 21 president of the United States?

The son of a Baptist preacher who had emigrated from northern Ireland, Chester A. Arthur was America’s 21st President (1881-85), succeeding President James Garfield upon his assassination. Dignified, tall, and handsome, with clean-shaven chin and side-whiskers, Chester A. Arthur “looked like a President.”

What is the answer to the prisoner hat riddle?

You must face forward, and you mustn’t look at your own hat. Starting with the person in the back, each person must say a single word: “black” or “white” to guess the color of the hat on his or her own head, despite not being able to see it. If nine of you get it right, you live. If you don’t, you’re lunch.

Why is John McClane on suspension?

Having been suspended, though what he did do to get suspended remains unknown, John had spent the entire previous evening drinking excessively, when he was recalled into duty as a bomber calling himself Simon demanded John’s presence to endure several “games” throughout the day, or he’ll use another bomb, and blow up a …

Where is Nord des lignes?

Then after escaping the boat with Zeus, the NYPD find them and bring them to safety; McClane calls his wife, Holly, but before he can do anything, he notices the bottle cap which its inscription reads ‘Nord des Lignes’ (French for “North of the Border”). He then finds out Simon is headed for Quebec, Canada.

How do I fix my brain teaser?

How to Approach Brain Teaser Questions

  1. Think about the question. When the interviewer reads out the question, don’t be tempted to give the first answer that you think of.
  2. Clarification. If you are not sure about something, ask for clarification.
  3. Follow through logically.