What happened to Aaron Ekblad?

What happened to Aaron Ekblad?

Florida Panthers star defenseman Aaron Ekblad will miss 12 weeks after having surgery to repair a fracture in his lower extremities, the team announced Monday. Ekblad was stretchered off in the second period of the Panthers’ 4-1 win against the Dallas Stars after injuring his left leg on Sunday.

What high school did Aaron Ekblad go to?

Blyth Education
Aaron Ekblad/Education

Where is Aaron Ekblad from?

Windsor, Canada
Aaron Ekblad/Place of birth

How old is Aaron Ekblad?

25 years (February 7, 1996)
Aaron Ekblad/Age

Is Zach werenski injury?

Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Zach Werenski is out for the rest of the season and scheduled for sports hernia surgery, the latest blow to a team that has fallen out of playoff contention and is expected to sell at the NHL trade deadline.

Is Sam Bennett injured?

While Sam Bennett initially believed he might win the race against time to ride the Tour de France, he is still out of action and his 2021 season is over.

What does Aaron Ekblad earn?

832,500 USD (2016)
Aaron Ekblad/Salary

Is Aaron Ekblad injured?

Ekblad (leg) underwent successful surgery on a fracture in his left leg Monday and is expected to make a full recovery in approximately 12 weeks, NHL.com reports. Ekblad will miss the rest of the 2020-21 campaign, but he should be back to 100 percent well ahead of next season’s training camp.

How tall is Aaron Ekblad in feet?

1.93 m
Aaron Ekblad/Height

How long is werenski out for?

Blue Jackets’ Zach Werenski: Inks long-term extension Werenski (abdomen) signed a six-year, $57.5 million extension with the Blue Jackets on Thursday, Blue Jackets team reporter Jeff Svoboda reports. The deal, which runs through 2027-28, will keep the star blueliner with the Blue Jackets until he’s 31 years old.

Who is the new captain of the Blue Jackets?

Boone Jenner
Boone Jenner, going into his ninth season NHL season as a Blue Jacket, will now wear it as the team’s seventh captain in franchise history.

What team does Sam Bennett play for?

Florida Panthers#9 / Centerman
Sam Bennett/Current teams