How much does a dynamometer cost?

How much does a dynamometer cost?

The cost of dynos can range quite a bit, from just over $10,000 to more than five times that amount. On average, however, Allison Blackstein, director of sales and marketing for Dynocom Industries, located in Dallas, Texas, says the typical dyno with load control will cost about approximately $35,000.

How much is a motorcycle dyno machine cost?

When u get your bike tuned on a dyno you are getting a custom map built specifically for your bike and this process can take well over an hour and the average price is about $250.

How much does a AWD dyno cost?

Dyno & Tuning Pricing

–DYNO ONLY– Horsepower Pulls Self Tune
2 Wheel Drive $150/ 3 pulls $150/ Hour $450/ Half day $650/ Full day
All-Wheel Drive $150/ 3 pulls Same

What is basic principle of dynamometer?

In an engine dynamometer, water flow, proportional to the desired applied load, creates resistance to the engine. A controlled water flow through the inlet manifold is directed at the center of the rotor in each absorption section. This water is then expelled to the outer dynamometer body by centrifugal force.

What are types of dynamometer?

A dynamometer can be classified into two types: Examples of power absorption dynamometers are Prony brake dynamometer, Rope brake dynamometer, Eddy current dynamometer, Hydraulic dynamometer, etc.

Which is the best dynamometer for a motorcycle?

Kick your motorcycle diagnostics capability up a notch with our 250i inertia dynamometer. This version of our best-selling tool is built upon the 200i base with added Eddy Current Absorption technology that gives you even more control and results.

Can a dyno dynamometer be sold for money?

This unit is in excellent condition and would suit a a new buyer, as it has only performed light work for creation of training and demonstration videos.The dyno software has also been upgraded to the Mainline DynoLog Premium Pro version and will remain on th unit when sold.

What is the wheelbase of an AWD dynamometer?

The AWD-1100 is the first of its kind – offering all of the large benefits of an AWD eddy current dynamometer in a large roll configuration. With a wheelbase maximum of 134”, you can test nearly any AWD vehicle on the road today.

How is an eddy current produced in a dynamometer?

Eddy current: An eddy current is a loop of an electrical current. It is produced by an electrically conductive core, shaft, or disc moving across a magnetic field. The currents generate force, which can be measured.