How accurate is the solunar calendar for deer hunting?

How accurate is the solunar calendar for deer hunting?

They then compared the results from over 22,000 GPS fixes and found that, in general, solunar predictions were accurate about 25 percent of the time, within a three-hour window. In other words, they found no statistically significant correlation between deer movements and solunar activity.

Is the Solunar Theory real?

Consequently, Solunar Theory is now widely accepted as an accurate method of predicting periods of peak fish feeding activity and Solunar Tables are widely available both in print and on the Web.

How do you read a solunar table for hunting?

Reading your Fishing and Hunting times is very simple. Just remember the MAJOR periods are two hours long and the MINOR periods are one hour long. The times you see listed are centered in the middle of those periods.

What are solunar tables based on?

Tables. Solunar tables are tables that fishermen and hunters use to determine the best days of the month and times of the day for catching fish and hunting game. Knowing the time of the tides, sunrise, and sunset help fishermen predict when fish are going to bite. For hunters, the tides are not a factor.

How does the solunar theory work?

The solunar theory is a hypothesis that animals move according to the location of the moon in comparison to their bodies. The times of day in which animals are more active are called solunar periods. There are four periods in each lunar day.

How is fish activity determined?

People who base their existence on the ocean or lakes have long understood that solar and lunar influences help determine the best times to fish. What is generally known and almost universally accepted is that fish and game are more active at certain times of the day, most noticeably at dawn and dusk.

Are solunar Tables important?

It is important to consider the nightly weather, as well as a solunar table. While a solunar table may dictate an increase in activity due to a full moon, if the night is cloudy or there is inclement weather, wildlife may not be as active as expected.