Does hutong have a dress code?

Does hutong have a dress code?

What is the dress code at Hutong? The dress code is smart-casual with no sportswear, shorts or flip-flops.

Can you wear trainers to hutong?

The hutong bar service is nice, the new cocktail menu not good as the previous one. I think the no trainers policy must apply equally to everybody and must be clearly visible on the entrance otherwise must be removed.

Can children go to hutong?

Review of Hutong. Description: Situated on level 33 of The Shard, Hutong serves the fascinating and diverse cuisines of Northern China and is based on the much-loved restaurant of the same name in Hong Kong.

When did hutong London open?

26th June 2013
Hutong opened on 26th June 2013 on Level 33 of The Shard, serving contemporary Northern Chinese cuisine. Hutong takes its inspiration from the dishes served in the imperial palaces of old Peking.

Is there a dress code for The Shard restaurant?

All of the restaurants at The Shard operate a smart casual dress code. Trainers, flip-flops, tracksuits, sportswear and shorts are all prohibited, so we’d recommend a nice top and smart jeans or formal wear if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

Can I wear trainers to Novikov?

Women are only allowed to wear heels. Men on the other hand can wear trainers and any type of flats they want.

Which shard restaurant has the best view?

Aqua Shard
What: Most people agree that Aqua Shard, with its split level dining room and floor-to-ceiling windows, boasts the best view out of the Shard restaurants. While it’s hard to deny that people come here for the view, this isn’t a case of style over substance, as the kitchen team turns out some rather impressive food.

Can you just go up the shard for a drink?

Yes you can just go to the bar. over a year ago. You can go for a drink at either of the bars, long as it’s not busy!

Can you download the menu from Hutong restaurant?

The restaurant information including the Hutong menu items and prices may have been modified since the last website update. You are free to download the Hutong menu files.

What kind of dim sum is served at Hutong?

Delicious, delicate dim sum – steamed, baked or fried savoury dumplings – are traditionally enjoyed at lunchtime and as you would expect, we of course offer a superb complete dim sum menu daily from 12-3 in addition to our a la carte as well as including dim sum in our new set lunch menu.

Is it good to go to Hutong at night?

Guests who have visited Hutong at night will know how magical the experience can be, with mesmerising views of an illuminated London as a backdrop to the lively atmosphere and award-winning cuisine. Come at lunchtime however and you will discover an altogether different – but equally enjoyable – experience, offering something for everyone to enjoy!

What kind of buns are served at Hutong?

Specialities such as our baked Wagyu puffs, Shanghai-style xiao long bao or Ginger and spring onion lobster buns are perfect as a starter or enjoyed as a meal in themself. But such is the popularity of our dim sum that we make sure that a selection of the most popular varieties is available at other times too.