How much does a timber Kings home cost?

How much does a timber Kings home cost?

‘Timber Kings’ Log Mansion in Big White Yours For $6.8-Million.

Where does Pioneer Log Homes get their logs?

Typically, we use only one species in the construction of our log homes – Western Red Cedar which is selected and harvested in the forests of British Columbia. It is by far the best in terms of beauty, quality, and durability; it is also by far the best insulator and has the best in thermal quality.

What nationality are the timber Kings?

Originally born, raised and trained in Switzerland, Beat Schwaller, also known as Timber King Beat, of the HGTV television reality series, Timber Kings, came to Canada in 1993 after successfully completing his education and apprenticeship in carpentry.

Did Pioneer Log Homes Burn?

The owners of a well-known business are among those dealing with loss amid several devastating wildfires in B.C.’s Interior. Four one-of-a-kind log cabin homes being built near Williams Lake were destroyed when flames swept through the area on a property owned by Pioneer Log Homes of B.C.

How long do log cabin kits take to build?

Log Cabin Kits are Time Consuming 3 months on average to complete the shell of an average sized cabin. Months of prior prep such as excavating, foundation work, and legal paperwork. Months of subsequent work, such as staining, electrical work, interior finishes, etc. till the cabin is ready for a weekend getaway.

What is the cost to build a log cabin?

Building a cabin typically ranges from $125 to $175 per square foot but could run as low as $100 per square foot and as high as $300 per square foot….Cost to Build a Cabin Per Square Foot.

Cabin Size Average Price Range
1,000 sq. ft. $125,000 – $175,000
1,500 sq. ft. $187,500 – $262,500

Are the Timber Kings still in business?

HGTV’s Timber Kings featuring the adventures and projects of Williams Lake’s own Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. will not be renewed for a fifth season. Pioneer’s founder Bryan Reid Sr. told the Tribune Tuesday the company learned about the show’s cancellation a few weeks ago.

Where do Timber Kings get their logs?

Watch TIMBER KINGS Season 4 online at Here’s what they’re saying about us: “The Finest Log Homes on earth are custom-built by master log-smiths and artisans in the small town of Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

Who died on Timber Kings?

These photos are dedicated to the memory of Harry Scott, who passed away on July 20, 2013. His family is determined to complete the project as he intended. Тыеяяу Мо and 50 others like this.

Are there any pioneer log homes for sale?

These incredible Pioneer Log Homes of BC properties are currently for sale. Each log home or log cabin listed here was designed, and handcrafted by the incredible Pioneer team! Listing information, including price, property details, area details, and contact information are available on individual listing pages.

Can you modify pioneer log cabin floor plans?

These plans are just ideas. You can modify them if you choose, submit your own plans, or work with our in-house design team to create your one-of-a-kind dream home. We are hoping our plans will get your design ideas flowing; they are not all that you can do by any stretch of the imagination.

Which is the best manufacturer of custom log homes?

We are committed to bringing our client’s ideas to life. For 40 years we have been the premier manufacturer of quality handcrafted custom log homes. Every home we build is designed and constructed specifically for our client’s wants, needs and desires. Please see below to view and download some of our most popular log home and cabin floor plans.

Which is the best log home in BC?

You’ve Found the Finest Handcrafted Cedar Log Homes on Earth. A handcrafted log home from Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia is not only a unique option for homebuyers; it also offers a rustic appeal and superior craftsmanship. Pioneer Log Homes of BC employs architectural experts who definitely will exceed all of your expectations.