What happened to Tony in Seinfeld?

What happened to Tony in Seinfeld?

Both ignored Tony’s instructions to tie his rope up and Tony fell off the mountain. He survived the fall, but suffered considerable damage to his face. Blaming George for the accident, Tony ended their friendship.

Who is Tony on Seinfeld?

Dan Cortese
Dan Cortese is an American actor, director and spokesperson who played Tony, one of Elaine’s boyfriends, on Seinfeld. He is known for his roles on Veronica’s Closet and What I Like About You.

What Seinfeld episode is George’s answering machine?

Meanwhile, his friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander) leaves an obnoxious message on the answering machine of his girlfriend, and goes to great lengths to prevent her from hearing it….The Phone Message.

“The Phone Message”
Seinfeld episode
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 4
Directed by Tom Cherones
Written by Larry David Jerry Seinfeld

Why did George leave Seinfeld?

He is fired from his job at Pendant Publishing for having sex with the cleaning woman on his desk in “The Red Dot” (he professes he has always been attracted to cleaning women). George works briefly for his father selling computers, although he is always outshone by co-worker Lloyd Braun.

Was Jami Gertz in Seinfeld?

Jami Beth Gertz is an American actress who played Jane on Seinfeld; she made her only appearance in “The Stall”. Jami has appeared in a number of other films and television programs such as Sixteen Candles, Crossroads, Twister, Ally McBeal along with many more.

Was Dan Cortese on Seinfeld?

Cortese appeared on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. He played Tony, the ultra-cool, good-looking, rock climbing boyfriend of Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss). In the episode, titled “The Stall”, he was dubbed a “mimbo” (a male bimbo) by Jerry. Cortese followed that up in 2001 with the TBS film The Triangle with Luke Perry.

Who was the piano singer in Demolition Man?

Actor Dan Cortese
Actor Dan Cortese, the piano player who performed in the Taco Bell restaurant in the film, even decided to make a special guest appearance.