How do you use braggart in a sentence?

How do you use braggart in a sentence?

Braggart sentence example I was quite conscious of the possibility that the whole was the extravagance of an old braggart and gossip. The braggart annoyed everyone around him with his boasting comments. His father is very arrogant, so that explains his tendencies to act like a braggart .

What is a braggart person?

: a loud arrogant boaster thinks he’s a loudmouth braggart.

What is an example of braggart?

Frequency: Braggart is defined as someone who is always boasting or bragging. A man who tells everyone how rich and successful he is all the time is an example of a braggart. The definition of braggart is boastful.

What do you call someone who brags a lot?

If you know someone who is a real show off and is always bragging about how great they are, then you might call this boaster a braggart. Braggart is a pejorative word, which means it is used as an insult, so you shouldn’t call your boss or your teacher a braggart — unless you’re looking for trouble.

Why do people brag?

People brag because they’re insecure. They want to be accepted, and they’re not confident. So, it’s like their mouth is telling their brain they really are good enough. Braggers work hard — weaving elaborate stories — to get the admiration they crave.

What causes a person to be a braggart?

A braggart is typically looking for validation to feed their ego and insecurity. You can deny them that validation, which should cause them to seek it elsewhere. The way to do it is to just remain unimpressed with whatever they are boasting about. You don’t necessarily have to be mean about it.

What does beat the clock?

: to do or finish something quickly before a particular time In a desperate attempt to beat the clock, I raced to mail my tax return before midnight.

What does Truculance mean?

Disposed or eager to fight or engage in hostile opposition; belligerent. 2. Showing or expressing bitter opposition or hostility; aggressively defiant: a truculent speech against the new government; a truculent glance. 3. Disposed to violence; ferocious or cruel.