How do you apologize in Farsi?

How do you apologize in Farsi?

من می خواهم عذرخواهی کنم (man mikhaaham ozr khaahi konam). I would like to apologize. This is a slightly more formal way to say ‘I’m sorry’ in Persian. Use this phrase if you’re addressing your superiors and/or elders.

What does Shab Bekheir mean?

Good Night
“Good Evening.” شب بخیر. Shab bekheir! means “Good Night.”

What does Kheyli mamnoon mean?

Greetings and basics in Farsi You can emphasize with “kheyli mamnoon (خیلی ممنون)”, which means “thanks a lot”. You might also heard “motashakeram (متشکرم)”, “mamnoonam (ممنونم)”, “sepas (سپاس)”, and “sepas gozâram (سپاسگزارم)”.

How can I apologize in Urdu?

I’m sorry. Main maafi chahti hoon. میں معافی چاہتا ہوں. I’m sorry.

Is the word pangalatok a derogatory word?

According to them it is a slang word that is demeaning and derogatory. They claimed that “pangalatok” means “Pangasinense sira tuktok”. They are instigating us to join them and completely remove the wrong usage of the word in any conversation. What’s the big deal?

How to learn how to speak panggalatok in English?

Agtaka nalingwanan anggad kaoyos na bilay. Repeat refrain. And here’s the English translation with added lyrics to be spoken before the song. If you are really interested, hindi ka mahihirapan. I have learned lots of dialects as well as languages…in the passage of time…with lots of practice, u will be able to converse with people.

Which is the correct term, Pangasinan or panggalatok?

Panggalatok is not the right term for the dialect. The dialect is Pangasinan as also the name of the province. Pangasinense is the name given to the local folks of Pangasinan

Which is the best greeting in Farsi language?

Farsi Phrases. Greeting. Salam va ashnai. Hi! Salam. Good morning! Sobh bekheir. Good afternoon! Baad az zohr bekheir.