What is the indication for tonsillectomy?

What is the indication for tonsillectomy?

Possible indications for tonsillectomy include sleep apnea and other obstructive sleep-related breathing disorders, recurrent tonsillitis, peritonsillar abscess, periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, adenitis (PFAPA), and other miscellaneous rare conditions.

What is the most common indication for tonsillectomy?

The two most common indications for tonsillectomy are recurrent throat infections and obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (oSDB).

What are the indications and contraindications of tonsillectomy?

Contraindications for tonsillectomy include the following: Bleeding diathesis. Poor anesthetic risk or uncontrolled medical illness. Anemia.

What are the current indications for a tonsillectomy in children?

The indications for total tonsillectomy in children include recurrent tonsillitis and OSA. In the case of OSA, an adenoidectomy may also be performed if the adenoids are enlarged.

What is the best age for tonsillectomy?

A child at any age can have a tonsillectomy if the indications are severe. However, surgeons generally wait until children are 3 years old to remove tonsils because the risk of dehydration and bleeding is greater among small children.

Are there any pediatric indications for tonsillectomy?

Current pediatric guidelines support surgery for patients with obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (OSDB) and recurrent tonsillitis. These indications have, in clinical practice, been extrapolated to adults but this requires further research.

Who is the target patient for tonsil lectomy?

Children aged 1 to 18 years under consideration for tonsil- lectomy are the target patient for the guideline. For this guideline update, the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Foundation selected a panel representing the fields of nursing, anesthe

How to tell if you have adenoidectomy or tonsillectomy?

Documentation of each infection should include a sore throat and one or more of the following: temperature > 38.3 degrees Celsius, cervical adenopathy, tonsillar exudates, or a positive GABHS. Modifying factors such as antibiotic allergy/intolerance, PFAPA (periodic fever]

Are there any contraindications to a tonsillectomy?

There are no absolute contraindications to tonsillectomy established. The major complications related to tonsillectomy are bleeding and anesthetic risks.