Are dynamic discs any good?

Are dynamic discs any good?

Dynamic Discs says this about the Truth: The Truth is a very true, straight flying midrange that is very comfortable in the hand and easy for players of all skill levels to throw. You can put any line on this disc and expect it to fly exactly how you throw it.

Can you make your own disc golf disc?

Now you can design your own disc golf disc and frisbee golf disc with unlimited possibilities. Here at Fly Discs we love two things: discs that fly well, and discs that look great doing it.

Does Dynamic Discs own latitude 64?

Dynamic Discs of Emporia and Latitude 64 announced Wednesday they had acquired Westside Discs and will take equal ownership over the company. Latitude 64 started out as a disc golf manufacturer and Dynamic Discs as a disc golf retailer and brand.

Where are dynamic discs made?

All of the European distribution for Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and Westside Discs will take place from the Latitude 64 production and distribution facility in Skelleftea, Sweden.

What material is a disc golf disc made of?

The Materials Needed to Make a Disc Golf Disc But now, in the modern era of the sport, a disc is usually made out of a certain type of plastic called polypropene. Polypropene is a thermoplastic resin that has the ability to soften into a liquid when being heated and becomes hard again when cooled.

What kind of dye do you use to dye discs?

But a white disc would show the blue accurately. There are several dye powders and liquids that work well for dyeing. The most common would be iDye Poly, Rit Dyemore, and Pro Chem Disperse Dye. A great beginners method would be a simple shaving cream mound.

How long should disc dye sit?

Place your disc top down on the shaving cream and give it a slight twist. Let the disc set on the die for 24-36 hours then rinse off all shaving cream and dye.

Why is it called Latitude 64?

The Name and the place Latitude 64° is the geographical location of the residential community Bergsbyn (meaning Mountain Village), outside the coastal city of Skellefteå, near the arctic circle in the north eastern part of Sweden.