What is e CID in LTE?

What is e CID in LTE?

Enhanced Cell ID, E-CellID, or E-CID is a positioning feature introduced in rel9 E-UTRA (LTE radio). The UE reports to the network (ESMLC) the serving cell ID, the timing advance (difference between its transmit and receive time) and the IDs, estimated timing and power of the detected neighbor cells.

What is cell ID e utran?

The E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier is used to identify cells globally. The ECGI is constructed from the MCC (Mobile Country Code), MNC (Mobile Network Code) and the ECI (E-UTRAN Cell Identifier).

What is LTE positioning protocol?

LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP) is a new protocol for LTE, although Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) version 2.0, remains as a headstone User Plane protocol which enabling LBS and emergency services on the networks, with some help from positioning techniques such as Wi-Fi positioning.

What is LPPa protocol?

LPPa is a communication protocol between an eNodeB and an LCS server for control-plane positioning – although it can assist user-plane positioning by querying eNodeBs for information and measurements. The SUPL protocol is used as a transport for LPP in the user plane.

What is an eNodeB in LTE?

A Home eNodeB, or HeNB, is the 3GPP’s term for an LTE femtocell or Small Cell. An eNodeB is an element of an LTE Radio Access Network, or E-UTRAN. A HeNB performs the same function of an eNodeB, but is optimized for deployment for smaller coverage than macro eNodeB, such as indoor premises and public hotspots.

What is cell ID LTE?

This PHY-layer Cell ID determines the Cell ID Group and Cell ID Sector. There are 168 possible Cell ID groups and 3 possible Cell ID sectors; therefore, there are 3 * 168 = 504 possible PHY-layer cell IDs. When Cell ID is set to Auto, the demodulator will automatically detect the Cell ID.

How is ECI LTE calculated?


  1. E-UTRAN Cell Identifier (ECI). Used to identify a cell uniquely within a Public Land. Mobile Network (PLMN). The ECI has a length of 28 bits and contains the eNodeB-IDentifier (eNB-ID).
  2. In short, it is used to identify a cell within a PLMN.
  3. ECI = eNodeB-ID + Cell-ID.

What is LTE cell ID?

What is AGPS data?

The A-GPS data tells your Polar device the predicted positions of the GPS satellites. This way the Polar device knows where to search for the satellites and thus is able to acquire signals from them within seconds, even under difficult signal conditions.

What is e Smlc?

Acronym. Definition. E-SMLC. Enhanced Serving Mobile Location Center (telecommunications)

How does LTE UE positioning works in e utran?

UE Positioning function is required to provide the mechanisms to support or assist the calculation of the geographical position of a UE. Positioning functionality provides a means to determine the geographic position and/or velocity of the UE based on measuring radio signals. …