Can I use IMAP with Office 365?

Can I use IMAP with Office 365?

Office365 supports IMAP / SMTP Using desktop email applications can improve your workflow.

How do I set up IMAP in Outlook 365?

How to set up an IMAP account on Outlook 2019 / 365

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook 2019 / 365 on your PC or Mac.
  2. Add account.
  3. Enter email address.
  4. Automatic configuration.
  5. Enter password.
  6. Account setup complete.
  7. Set up IMAP account manually.
  8. Choose account type IMAP.

Does Outlook 365 use POP or IMAP?

FAQ: Settings for POP or IMAP access to Office 365

POP3 995
IMAP4 993
SMTP 587

What is IMAP migration to Office 365?

IMAP migration (Internet Message Access Protocol migration) is a way to move email services from existing non-Exchange email servers to later versions of Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Online or Office 365.

What is the mail server for Outlook 365?

POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings

Email Provider IMAP Settings
Microsoft 365 Outlook Hotmail Server: Port: 993 Encryption: SSL/TLS
MSN Server: Port: 993 Encryption: SSL/TLS

What can I use instead of IMAP?

SMTP is the industry standard protocol for sending email. If you’re looking to send email, then you’ll use SMTP instead of IMAP. An SMTP relay service can help you send email without having to build your own SMTP server.

What is the IMAP server for Outlook?
Setup Your Account with Your Email Program Using IMAP ( IMAP Server
IMAP port 993
IMAP security SSL / TLS
IMAP username Your full email address
IMAP password Your password