Do statins make you put on weight?

Do statins make you put on weight?

As with many medications, statins may cause side effects, including digestive problems, muscle pain and weakness, and cognitive dysfunction. Another side effect that’s been linked to statins is weight gain.

How much weight gain do statins cause?

The new study shows that people prescribed statins rather than placebo medication had about a 12% greater risk of getting type 2 diabetes over a 4-year period, and also gained about half a pound in weight on average. Co-author Dr.

Do statins reduce belly fat?

Statins may improve gut microbiota and help shed weight in obese individuals, finds a new study. The MetaCardis investigators have explored gut bacteria in almost 900 individuals from Denmark, France and observed that obesity-associated microbiota dysbiosis is negatively associated with statin treatment.

Does atorvastatin help weight loss?

The drug, a stimulant, helped patients lose weight (46% of people lost 10% or more of their body weight in clinical trials) but also affected heart rate. In 2005, sales in the U.S. were about $60 million, with another $240 million abroad.

Are there any serious side effects of aspavor?

If Aspavor causes more serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately. Serious side effects may include jaundice, severe nausea, severe stomach pain, low fever, flu symptoms, loss of appetite, weakness, muscle tenderness or pain, clay-colored stools or dark urine.

How does aspavor work to lower your cholesterol?

Aspavor works by decreasing your body’s production of cholesterol. Lowering your cholesterol can help prevent you from suffering a stroke, heart attack and heart disease. Before taking Aspavor, talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of the medication.

Is there a link between aspartame and weight gain?

Dozens of studies conducted over decades link aspartame to serious health problems. Five reviews of the scientific literature on artificial sweeteners suggest that they do not contribute to weight loss, and instead may cause weight gain.

When do you need an adjusted dose of aspavor?

You may need an adjusted dose of Aspavor if you have diabetes, kidney disease, an underactive thyroid, a muscle disorder or a history of liver disease. Be sure to inform your doctor of all of your medical conditions. Some pre-existing medical conditions may contraindicate Aspavor.