Why did Adam leave WhatCulture?

Why did Adam leave WhatCulture?

The departed hosts were all planning on creating their own wrestling-dedicated site called Cultaholic, which originally included Blampied, but shortly after their departure, Blampied resigned from the channel for sexual harassment allegations which he admitted to.

What happened Adam WhatCulture?

“Adam Blampied has issued an apology for ‘manipulating’ women into sending him images on social media. Blampied presented videos for What Culture on YouTube until September 2017, when he parted company with the organisation. His new employers, Cultaholic, told the BBC he is unable to be reached for comment.

Who owns WhatCulture wrestling?

Matt Holmes Matt co-founded WhatCulture in its earlier form – as film blog ObsessedWithFilm.com – as a direct response to Superman Lives being terrible in 2006. Since then, the Editor-in-chief has overseen major expansions and development, including his brainchild, the WWE section.

How old is Jack the jobber?

10 year old
Jack G. King (“Jack the Jobber”) is a 10 year old with a love of pitching a tent on buses, comedian, and internet personality formerly signed to WhatCulture.

Does ash still work for WhatCulture?

Well… today was my last day at WhatCulture! I have had an absolute BLAST working with this incredible bunch, but it’s time for me to go on a whole new adventure. Here’s to two and a half years of spooky content fuelled by far too many office biscuits.

Did Kirsten leave WhatCulture?

I will no longer be creating content for WhatCulture. I am so very grateful for the opportunity and friends I have made over the last year but with new and exciting things coming my way, it is time to move on.

Why did WCPW change to defiant?

A re-brand from WCPW to Defiant Wrestling was intended to bring back wrestling fans who had dismissed the group as a “YouTube promotion” and allow the group to stand on its own two feet as a wrestling promotion, but ultimately it had the opposite effect.

WhatCulture is Simon?

Simon Miller is a British journalist, bodybuilder, wrestling commentator, and internet personality currently signed to WhatCulture. He was a member of the WCPW commentary team, and has challenged for the WhatCulture World Heavyweight Championship, the only non-aligned person to do so in history.

Has Rachel left WhatCulture?

Having served her notice, WhatCulture still used Rach as a freelancher, but paid her considerably less than she was paid as a full-time member of the team while also not using the video where she bade farewell to the channel’s viewers. On March 18, 2020, Rach announced she had left WhatCulture.

Is Ash still at WhatCulture?

Is WCPW dead?

The former What Culture Pro Wrestling has officially closed its doors as of August 1, 2019. WCPW then rebranded itself as Defiant Wrestling and shifted their focus in a different direction.

How much does WhatCulture make?

How much do I get paid? At present, articles posted on WhatCulture.com earn £0.50 for every 1,000 views generated in the first 28 days of publication. Only articles which are ultimately published are eligible for payout.

Who is Adam Blampied from WhatCulture Wreslting?

Adam Blampied, also known as Plumpy (August 24 1987 is a a British sports writer, comedian, writer, internet personality, and Eric Bischoff’s long lost son formerly signed to WhatCulture and currently pursuing “other endeavours”. He was the founder and leader of the stable BX.

Who is the world heavyweight champion of WhatCulture?

It was only Adam Blampied and a few whatculture members doing it, but when they brought Adam Pacitti in the channel, they debuted the co-created Adam Vs. Adam web series, as well as the WhatCulture World Heavyweight Championship. However, he failed to win the inaugural contest.

How long has Adam Pearce been out of WWE?

Pearce, a former NWA World Champion, hasn’t wrestled in six years. He currently plays an authority figure on WWE television and scored this opportunity by “winning” a gauntlet match on last week’s SmackDown, with Reigns and Jey Uso placing him over a downed Shinsuke Nakamura after Uso had knocked Pearce out with a superkick.

How did Adam Blampied gain control of the channel?

Once again champion and now in control of the channel, Blampied began gloating about his accomplishments and abusing his co-workers. He began to resort to cheating in order to retain his championship against King. Eventually, he managed to seize control of King’s show, Fast Count.