What is reference set?

What is reference set?

A reference set contains unique values that you can use in searches, filters, rule test conditions, and rule responses. Use rules to test whether a reference set contains a data element, or configure the rule response to add data to a reference set.

What is the use of reference set in NX?

Reference sets are used to represent the component parts with simplified geometry/different state of the geometry with the options to filter and control the display of a component or subassembly part in higher level assemblies.

What is NX reference set?

Reference Sets are used to control the content and structure of assemblies. defining only deliberately alterable conditions and structures independent of general NX settings (e.g. layer; colours), enabling individual and independent control of the same component in the assembly.

What is reference set in QRadar?

What are snomed reference sets?

A SNOMED CT Refset: Is a data structure defined within SNOMED CT ® Release Format 2 (RF2) Consists of a set of references to SNOMED CT ® components, like concepts, descriptions or relationships.

How do I make an NX assembly?

NX 11:Creating Assembly

  1. Step 1: start new assembly.
  2. Step 2: Start modeling the cylinder.
  3. Step 3: Create a hole in cylinder for piston rod.
  4. Step 4: Make mountings for cylinder.
  5. Step 5: Create model of Piston.
  6. go to assembly navigator double click on the hydraulic system.
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What is building block in QRadar?

Building blocks group commonly used tests to build complex logic so that they can be used in rules. Building blocks use the same tests that rules use, but have no actions that are associated with them. They’re often configured to test groups of IP addresses, privileged user names, or collections of event names.

What is correlation in QRadar?

Use historical correlation to run past events and flows through the custom rules engine (CRE) to identify threats or security incidents that already occurred. Restriction: You cannot use historical correlation in IBM® QRadar® Log Manager.

How many layers does NX have?

There are 256 layers in Unigraphics.