What battery does Pentax 6×7 use?

What battery does Pentax 6×7 use?


Pentax 6×7 Pentax 67II
Battery 4LR44 / PX28 2x CR123A
Battery ext Yes No
Dimensions 184x101x91mm 185x108x92mm
Weight 1.29kg 1.21kg

What year did the Pentax 6×7 come out?

Asahi Pentax 6×7 – the original model, launched in 1969 (first generation) Asahi Pentax 6×7 (MLU) – with a mirror lock-up mechanism, launched in 1976 (second generation) Pentax 67 – with minor cosmetic changes, launched in 1990 (third generation)

Is the Pentax 6×7 fully mechanical?

The Pentax 6×7 is an electromechanical design and shares much in concept with its smaller 135 format cousin the “Pentax Electro Spotmatic”, however, is not equipped with an internal meter.

Does the Pentax 67 need a battery to work?

The shutter is electronic. It needs battery power. 2) You cannot fire the shutter if there is no film in the camera.

How much should I pay for a Pentax 67?

Asahi: Pentax 67

Average Mint
Body only $380-400 $800-900
With lens $480-500 $1100-1200
Estimate value accuracy:

How many shots do you get with a Pentax 6×7?

As it says in its name, the Pentax 6×7 creates a massive 6×7 negative. That equates to a mere 10 shots per roll of 120, and 21 on a roll of 220. In total, there are 4 iterations of this camera: Pentax 6×7 (released in 1969)

How do I know if my Pentax 67 is MLU?

To see whether or not a 6×7 you’re checking out has mirror lock-up, check the left side of the front of the camera, near where the lens attaches to the body and you’ll find either a button that slides up (indicating MLU) or nothing. That’s how to tell if a Pentax 6×7 has mirror lock up.