What I Like About You The Romantics year?

What I Like About You The Romantics year?

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Who sings what I like about you?

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Who sings what I like about you besides the romantics?

Michael Morales took the song even higher in 1989, Lillix also sang this song in 2003 and 5 Seconds of Summer had a hit with the song in 2014….5 Seconds of Summer version.

“What I Like About You”
Single by 5 Seconds of Summer
Length 2:31
Label Capitol
Songwriter(s) Wally Palmar Mike Skill Jimmy Marinos

What I Like About You Key?

E major
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E minor? The truth is, the most correct way that the key of “What I like About You” can be described would be something like: E Mixolydian mode with minor blues. That accounts for the parent major scale, A, tonic, E, the mode and the minor third interval used in the melody.

Where are the Romantics now?

The Romantics continue to play live concerts today. Rich Cole returned to the band after a long absence in 2010. Longtime lead guitarist Coz Canler left the band in 2011, allowing Skill to return to the original lead guitarist role he held in the band.

Did the Kinks sing what I like about you?

The song is frequently mis-identified as being recorded by The Kinks due in part to its mid 60’s British pop rock sound. The Romantics recorded the song and the accompanying album at Coconuts Recording Studio in Miami Beach, Florida.

What I Like About You Romantics key?

What I Like About You/Keys

What is the concept the Romantics valued?

The values of the Romantics was that they valued feeling and intuition over reason.

Do the romantics still tour?

Their music was also featured on shows like Soul Train and Solid Gold. After the phenomenal success of “in Heat,” the Romantics went on to release “Rhythm Romance” in 1985 and “61/49” in 2003, and the band continues to tour all over.