Who owns the 777 Ranch in Texas?

Who owns the 777 Ranch in Texas?

Jeff Rann
Since Jeff Rann, African Dangerous Game Professional Hunter, acquired the 777 Ranch, he has made it his goal to bring a bit of Africa to Texas.

How many acres is the Triple 7 ranch?

Jeff Rann purchased the 4,300-acre ranch in 2002, later added 1,000 more acres and recently refinanced the property through Capital Farm Credit.

How big is the Ox Ranch?

18,000 acres
18,000 acres of the best Texas Hill Country Hunting Ox Ranch is legendary for it’s Native & Exotic hunting which includes whitetail deer hunting, turkey hunting, and 60+ additional species available for hunt!

How big is the 777 Ranch in Hondo Texas?

23 square miles
But at the expansive 777 Ranch near Hondo, Texas, you can see and hunt over 60 species of exotics plus native turkeys, doves, and white-tailed deer on 23 square miles of open pastures interrupted by wooded hills. What’s In Season?

How much is a nilgai hunt in Texas?

Price distribution Nilgai antelope hunting in Texas can be had relatively cheap, if we’re talking about meat or cull hunts. Trophy Nilgai hunts may be priced at about $3,000, give or take a few hundred dollars.

Can you hunt on King Ranch?

King Ranch is the premier hunting destination for whitetail deer, nilgai, turkey, feral hog, javelina, and other game. King Ranch conducts its hunts in a free-range, low-fence, fair-chase environment, offering great opportunities for both experienced and novice hunters.

Can you hunt the King Ranch in Texas?

Today, Caesar Kleberg’s vision and passion for wildlife carries on in King Ranch’s modern game management and hunting operations. Hunters can pursue deer, wild turkey, quail, javelina and wild hog on the ranch.

How much does it cost to hunt a bison?

Bison hunting in North America will cost about $4,000 to $7,000, depending on the area and the size of the trophy. Combination hunts with species such as wolf are possible in Canada.

How much does it cost to stay at the Ox Ranch in Texas?

*Non-hunting adult guests are $300 per night; children under four free, 4-10 $100 per night, and kids 11-16 are $200 a night.

How large is Ted Nugent’s ranch in Texas?

Nugent still owns 300 acres of property in western Jackson County, which is used as a hunting ranch, known as Sunrize Acres, and a part-time residence for the rocker and his family. Nugent’s primary residence is Waco, Texas.

Who owns double drop Ranch?

Keith Warren and The High Road Group are very excited to have Double Drop Ranch as the official Exotic Hunting Ranch for the 2020 season of The High Road with Keith Warren. Double Drop Ranch is based out of Huntsville, Texas and offers the best exotic hunting in the country.