What is the standard form of French?

What is the standard form of French?

Parisian French is considered the standard type of French spoken around the world and is generally the dialect taught to those looking to learn French as a second language. It is often referred to as Standard French or International French and these phrases are often used interchangeably.

What dialect is Standard French based on?

European French is usually divided into two major dialects which, in turn, subsume many regional varieties. Northern and central varieties of French, including what is today Belgium. One of the dialects of langue d’oil was françien which was spoken in Île de France. It became the basis of standard French.

How are French titles formatted?

the initial word of the title and: if this initial word is a definite article (le, la, les, l’), both the article and its noun (and any modifier between the article and the noun) are capitalized (e.g. Le Grand Meaulnes; La Grande Illusion)

How was French standardized?

French was standardized between the 17th and 18th centuries. It widely replaced some of the regional dialects in France, especially those spoken in central and northern France. Its phonology differed from the other Romance languages and its grammar was simplified.

What are the different French accents?

Accents in the French Alphabet

  • The Aigu Accent (L’accent aigu) The aigu accent is placed above the e vowel and changes the sound to ay.
  • The Grave Accent (L’accent grave)
  • The Cedilla (La Cédille)
  • The Circumflex (Le Circonflexe)
  • The Trema (Le tréma)

Is French a standard language?

As French is a pluricentric language, Standard French encompasses various linguistic norms (consisting of prescribed usage). In the rest of Francophone Canada, the spoken and written varieties of formal Quebec French as well as language in Government of Canada documents and speeches are viewed as Standard French.

Is French capitalized in French fries?

Although we often capitalize a country or city name when it’s part of a food name, that’s not always the case, and it’s typically not the case with french fries. The Chicago Manual of Style also recommends keeping french lowercase because french isn’t being used to literally refer to the country.

How do French capitalize titles?

titles in French are capitalized differently than in English: This can get somewhat complicated. However, an easy rule to remember is that the first word is always capitalized, along with the second word if the first word is an article. So, this would give: Les Misérables or Les Fleurs du mal.

What is the longest word in the world in French?

According to the page at http://theboldsoul.lisataylorhuff.com/the_bold_soul/2009/12/the-longest-word-in-the-french-language.html, the longest word in French is “anticonstitutionnellement” which is an adverb meaning ‘anti-constitutionally’.