What is a 5 wood used for in golf?

What is a 5 wood used for in golf?

A 5-wood is used by golfers who need to hit the ball between 180 and 240 yards, depending on the skill level of the golfer. High-handicap players generally use a 5-wood to hit second shots from the fairway on par 5s and to reach long par 3s.

Do pros carry a 5 wood?

What do pros carry in their golf bags? Professional golfers generally carry: a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4-PW, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and a putter.

Is a 5 wood a good club?

Beginning golfers often have more success hitting higher lofted clubs. Intuitively, a 5-wood would be an easier club to hit for those just starting with the game. In many cases, beginning golfers struggle to hit driver consistently – imparting far too much spin resulting in wide shot dispersions.

When to use a 5 Wood in golf?

Low-handicap players normally use a 5-wood to reach long par 5s in two shots. No matter your handicap, being able to consistently hit a 5-wood will improve your game. Address the golf ball with it sitting just to the left of center in your stance (for a right-handed golfer).

Which is the best golf Wood on the market?

Our Best 5 Woods In 2021. 1 Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood (Best 5 Wood) 2 Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood (Runner Up 1) 3 TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood (Runner Up 2) 4 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood (Best Value 5 Wood) 5 Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood (Best Premium 5 Wood.

Why do you use a fairway wood on a golf course?

Fairway woods are some of the more difficult clubs in your bag to hit correctly since you have to hit them off the deck on most occasions. Golfers select a fairway wood to close the gap between the distance they achieve with a driver and the best that they get out of their highest iron.

What to look for in a 5 wood?

With a 5 wood in your bag, you will want to be able to get lots of fairway distance. We like the way this particular fairway wood sits, as it is not too bulky. The turf interaction is superior to other choices on the market. You will notice the difference in the leading edge almost immediately after setting up to hit one of these fairway woods.