What does MasteryConnect do?

What does MasteryConnect do?

MasteryConnect is a competency-based learning platform that helps teachers identify levels of understanding, target students for intervention, and inform instruction. This means teachers have more time to teach and students have more time to learn.

What is a MasteryConnect assessment?

MasteryConnect is an assessment management system and curriculum platform designed to show learning in an intuitive, visual way. It’s built on four cornerstones: formative assessment, benchmark assessment, curriculum planning, and teacher collaboration.

How do I assign a test to mastery connect?

Click on Trackers, and select the tracker that contains the assessment you want to assign. Hover over the title of the standard that contains the assessment, and click on Assess.

Is MasteryConnect good?

MasteryConnect offers excellent grading customization including adjustable grading scales, rubrics, performance-based assessments, bubble sheets, and GradeCam. These tools are matched with sharing features that help teachers, students, and parents track mastery of standards in real time.

Does Mastery Connect have a calculator?

The solution: Adding Desmos calculators to MasteryConnect allows students to show their work using the four-function, scientific, and graphing calculators, and provides them with a familiar experience come testing season.

Where is the mastery connect test code?

To find the Test ID number, go to your tracker, hover over the standard that the assessment is in, and then click on Assess. Click on the button above the title bar to see the Assessment ID.

Does Mastery Connect work on iPad?

MasteryConnect Teacher App allows teachers to launch and deliver assessments with an iPad or iPhone. Teachers can instantly view student results, sort by mastery levels, and edit their scores.

What is mastery tracking?

Mastery tracking refers to tracking learners’ mastery of standards or skills. These trackers support learners to understand at a deeper level what mastery is expected of them in order to help them identify areas of strength and growth. Brainstorm your goals for the tracker.

What is mastery measure?

Mastery measurement is a form of classroom assessment conducted on a regular basis. Once a teacher has determined the instructional sequence for the year, each skill in the sequence is assessed until mastery has been achieved. Then the next skill is introduced and assessed.

What is student mastery?

Student Mastery Definition. Mastery is the idea that you learn best incrementally, with one skill building on the next. In a mastery program, a student develops a thorough comprehension of one topic before moving on. The mastery approach presents a given set of topics that repeat from level to level.