Is a Grade 2 liver laceration moderate?

Is a Grade 2 liver laceration moderate?

The WSES Classification divides Hepatic Injuries into three classes: Minor (WSES grade I). Moderate (WSES grade II). Severe (WSES grade III and IV).

How long does it take for a Grade 2 liver laceration to heal?

However, this will depend on the grade of injury. Activity restrictions for Grade 1 injuries are usually for 4-6 weeks, Grade 2 injuries for 6-8 weeks, Grade 3 for 8-12 weeks and Grade 4 and 5 injuries will be determined by your doctor.

How is liver laceration treated?

How is a liver or spleen laceration treated?

  1. Medicines may be given to treat pain and prevent infection.
  2. A blood transfusion may be given if you bleed heavily.
  3. IV fluids may be given to prevent dehydration and help your circulation.
  4. A drain may be placed to remove extra blood or fluid from your abdomen.

Does liver laceration need surgery?

For perforating liver wounds, operative therapy is the first choice, and for multiple organ damage, exploratory laparotomy can locate and repair occult trauma. For blunt trauma patients, who are hemodynamic stable, non-operative therapy may be suitable, with close monitoring and appropriate preparation for operation.

What degree is a Grade 2 liver laceration?

AAST Liver Trauma Classification Grade I: hematoma: subcapsular <10% surface area; laceration: capsular tear <1 cm parenchymal depth. Grade II: hematoma: subcapsular 10-50% surface area; intraparenchymal <10 cm diameter; laceration: capsular tear 1-3 cm parenchymal depth, <10 cm in length.

How bad is a Grade 3 liver laceration?

Grade III injury has a 15.7% mortality rate because of its complexity. A simple hepatic parenchymal laceration in the absence of active hemorrhage, diffuse peritoneal signs or other peritoneal injuries, a hemoperitoneum less than 500 mL, and no need for blood transfusions met the criteria for nonsurgical management.

How serious is a liver laceration?

A liver laceration is a tear in the liver tissue. Liver lacerations range in severity from mild to very severe or fatal. Uncontrolled bleeding is the most common problem resulting from liver wounds.

What is a Grade 5 liver laceration?

Grade V: laceration: parenchymal disruption involving >75% of hepatic lobe or >3 Couinaud segments within a single lobe; vascular: juxtahepatic venous injuries (ie, retrohepatic vena cava/central major hepatic veins).

How serious is a lacerated liver?

How long does a liver laceration take to heal?

Healing of a simple liver laceration and subcapsular hematoma occurs in 2 to 4 months, whereas complex injuries require up to 6 months. The healing time for hepatic lacerations is different from subcapsular hematomas (Table 2).

How long can you live with a lacerated liver?

The literature on activity restriction and return to play after liver injury is scarce. Healing of a simple liver laceration and subcapsular hematoma occurs in 2 to 4 months, whereas complex injuries require up to 6 months.