What are the columns in the 1790 census?

What are the columns in the 1790 census?

1790 census : There are 6 or 7 columns and the headings are: 1-Free white males of 16 years and upwards including heads of families. 2-Free white males under 16. 3-Free white females including heads of families.

How do you read a 1790 census?

How to Read a 1790 U.S. Census Form

  1. Name of the head of the household or the head of the family.
  2. Number of free white males ages 16 years and older, including heads of families.
  3. Number of free white males under 16 years of age.
  4. Number of free white females, including heads of families.

What are the headings on the 1910 census?

Enumerators were to enter “W” for White, “B” for Black, “Mu” for mulatto, “Ch” for Chinese, “Jp” for Japanese, “In” for American Indian, or “Ot” for other races.

What was the 1790 census question?

In 1790, assistant marshals listed the name of each head of household, and asked the following questions:

  • The number of free White males aged: under 16 years. of 16 years and upward.
  • Number of free White females.
  • Number of other free persons.
  • Number of slaves.

What were the first census questions?

The first census asked just six questions: the name of the (white, male) householder, and then the names of all the other people in the household, divided into these categories: Free white males who were at least 16 years old; free white males who were under 16 years old; free white females; all other free persons; and …

What happened to the 1820 census?

By 1820, there were a total of twenty-three states in the Union. The six new states were Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama and Maine. There was, however, a district wide loss for Arkansas Territory, Missouri Territory and New Jersey. This is a census of the U.S. population as of 07 August 1820.

What do the codes mean on the 1910 census?

The 1910 census (column 30) indicates whether the person was a “survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy.” The answers are “UA” for Union Army, “UN” for Union Navy, “CA” for Confederate Army, and “CN” for Confederate Navy.