Is Type 9 heavy good for mining?

Is Type 9 heavy good for mining?

A type 9 is not the best choice for mining. Anaconda is better because of the better distributor. You are much faster with the conda. It completely depends on how long you want to be out in the rings.

What is the best ship for mining in elite dangerous?

Imperial Cutter – The Top-tier Mining Ship The Imperial Cutter can provide optimal mining performance. It has the largest cargo capacity of any ship in the game currently, enough hardpoints and defenses to pack a punch against pirates, and is speedy enough to carry out several mining trips in quick succession.

Is Keelback good for mining?

The Keelback has one role it shines in: mining. Overall the Keelback is an adequate multipurpose ship, equally capable of exploration, combat, and trading, but mining is where it capitalizes on its abilities.

How much cargo can a type 9 carry?

Summary. The Lakon Type-9 Heavy is the largest ship currently available in terms of cargo capacity, with 440 cargo units. It is the best ship for hauling freight from trade port to trade port, but because of its large size, it is very vulnerable to smaller ships.

How big is the type 9 heavy?

Trivia. The Type-9 Heavy length and width (117.4m, 115.3m) is comparable to the International Space Station.

Can a Type 9 have a fighter Bay?

The Type-9 Heavy is Lakon Spaceways’ large freighter class. This ship is built to transport large cargos, a job it does very well, but it doesn’t stand up well in a fight, although adding a fighter bay improves its combat capability considerably – in the right hands!

Is mining still good elite dangerous?

Very much, yes. If you’re not in the game just for credit chasing it’s still enjoyable and, like others have said, only painite was really futzed with this time. Cores and other sought after mineables are still lucrative.

What size ship is the Keelback?

The Keelback is a freighter ship with enhanced combat capabilities based on a Type-6 Transporter chassis. It’s confirmed to debut in the 1.5 “Ships” update in December 2015.

What do I need for deep core mining?

What You Need. You will need a Pulse Wave Scanner, a Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS), an Abrasion Blaster, a Seismic Charge Launcher, a Refinery, Collector and Prospector Limpet Controllers (both of these should be A-rated, especially the prospector) and Cargo Racks. Make sure you still have a shield!

Can a Type-9 have a fighter Bay?

Is the Type 10 defender any good?

The Type-10 is not only faster than its predecessor, it also has significantly stronger armour, the highest armour rating among all ships on the market, better heat management, double the utility slots, four added large weapon hardpoints, and two Military Compartments, making it a viable warship.