How do I download TuneIn podcasts to my computer?

How do I download TuneIn podcasts to my computer?

Under Episodes, choose the podcast episode you’d like to download, and tap the three-dot menu button. A menu will appear with options to Share or Download. Tap Download.

How do I listen to radio on my PC?

How to . . . listen to radio on your PC

  1. You need hardware: PC with soundcard (plus speakers or headphones plug).
  2. Get the free software.
  3. Surf directories such as, Yahoo!’s, (international and all Irish stations) and radio.

How do I download TuneIn to my laptop?

To install the TuneIn Radio app on your Windows 10 computer or mobile device, simply click here from your Windows 10 device’s internet browser, or open the Windows App Store and search for TuneIn Radio. Once the app’s description page loads, click the “Install” button to initiate download.

How do I install TuneIn app?

To download TuneIn Radio on your Android device: Go to your carrier’s app store (e.g., Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, etc.). ​Search for “TuneIn” and download the application onto your device. Once the app has downloaded, create a profile to access your favorite content wherever you go.

How do I download TuneIn radio?

1) Make sure that your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi. 2) Launch TuneIn Radio or TuneIn Radio Pro then log into a Premium account. 3) Navigate to a podcast and choose the podcast episode you wish to download. 4) Press the three-dot menu button and a menu will pop up with options to Share or Download.

Can you use TuneIn radio without WIFI?

With offline listening, you can download single episodes of podcasts to the app so they’re available to play even without an internet connection.

Can you use TuneIn Radio without WIFI?

Is TuneIn Radio offline?

With its latest app update, TuneIn Radio listeners can now download podcasts for listening while offline. Downloaded episodes are stored locally on the users phone or tablet and can be accessed through the “Favorites” section of the app.