What is the quietest place in NYC?

What is the quietest place in NYC?


Quietest to Loudest Neighborhood Noise Complaints per capita
1. Upper East Side .00359
2. Lenox Hill .00437
3. Marble Hill .0481
4. Hamilton Heights .0486

What part of New York is quiet?

In 2018, finding an apartment in NYC continues to be the easiest part of the process– finding a place you actually want to live, on the other hand, is much more difficult.

Where can I sit and read in NYC?

The 7 best places to read and study in NYC

  1. NY Public Library, Midtown.
  2. Whynot Coffee, Lower East Side.
  3. Tompkins Square Park, East Village.
  4. Ost Café, Alphabet City.
  5. ABC Beer Co., Alphabet City.
  6. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Upper East Side.
  7. Café Minerva, West Village.

How do you find a quiet apartment in NYC?

“Apartments located on side streets are usually your best bet,” he says, “but you can find quiet spaces in buildings located on major streets and avenues depending on where they’re located in the building.” Rear-facing units, for instance, will typically have less noise than street-facing ones.

What are some quiet places to study?

At a Glance

  • Libraries. The go-to place for most students is the campus or local public library, where they can be assured of the quiet because, well, they’re libraries.
  • Recommended quiet spots.
  • Coffee houses.
  • A friend’s house or apartment.
  • Local parks.
  • Museums.
  • Cabin or inn.

What’s the biggest library in NYC?

New York Public Library
New York Public Library Main Branch

Architect Carrère and Hastings
Location 476 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York 10018
Branch of New York Public Library
Items collected Approximately 2.5 million (2015)

How much quieter are higher floors?

Are Much Higher Floors Quieter In Apartment Buildings? Our Experience At 300-Ft. At these elevations, higher floors are quieter to a noticeable degree in general when compared to lower floors. As for ‘normal’ sounds, we really only hear the loud stuff.