Who is the strongest in Inazuma Eleven?

Who is the strongest in Inazuma Eleven?

My top 10 most powerful and best og inazuma eleven characters and…

  • Hector helio. Hector as goalkeeper has stopped ridiculous supershots like big bang and practically every other technique.
  • Shawn frost.
  • Xavier Foster.
  • Mark Evans.
  • Jude Sharp.
  • Axel Blaze.
  • Paolo Bianchi.
  • Destra.

How old is Fubuki in Beyblade burst Turbo?


My Rating
Gender Male
Age Maybe 9 in evolution and 11 in turbo
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Red

Does Nelly like Mark Inazuma Eleven?

She had grown fond of Mark’s fighting spirit and confidence, and started displaying some strong affection toward him, as depicted when Mark chased after her, leading to a very emotional (albeit temporary) farewell between the two, Nelly’s eyes becoming misty even though she showed him a strong and determined resolve.

What did Saginuma use in Inazuma Eleven?

Saginuma surprised Inazuma Japan when he used Illusion Ball and Dash Storm since both were the hissatsu of other teams. After Neo Japan made their first goal, Saginuma told Endou Mamoru that although he learned that soccer was something passionate and fun, competition was a heart-breaking and intense existence at the same time.

Who is the goalkeeper for Inazuma battle eleven?

He is a midfielder and the captain of Neo Japan. He also appeared in GO as the assistant coach of Seidouzan. In Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match he is the main goalkeeper for Inazuma Battle Eleven .

Who is Zel in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin?

), also known as Zel (ゼル), was a forward and a goalkeeper for Epsilon, who later played for Neo Japan as a forward. In Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin he is a forward for Eisei Gakuen . 8.2 Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

How did Goujin score the 4th goal in Inazuma Eleven?

Asuto moved up the field and faked Saginuma out. He thought Asuto was about to shoot so went to save the ball but actually Asuto passed it to Goujin who scored the 4th goal making it 4-2 to Raimon. Once again, Saginuma wasn’t discouraged and kept on agitating the Raimon players.