How much does Onfido cost?

How much does Onfido cost?

Here’s how the pricing breaks down for the starter plans: Essential – $1.49 per verification & $49 per month minimum commitment. Plus – $1.89 per verification & $129 per month minimum commitment. Premium – $2.05 per verification & $249 per month minimum commitment.

How much does jumio cost?

Compare Jumio Identity Verification Pricing Against Competitors

Product name Starting price ($) Billed
Jumio Identity Verification
IFTTT 3 per month
Online Check Writer 4.99 per month
Supermetrics 19 per month

What is magic Veriff?

AI-powered identity verification software from Veriff in web, iOS, and Android SDKs includes: Test a verificationIdentity Verification Platform. Real-time end-user feedbackBarcode scanningNFC SecurityDevice and network analyticsDocument tampering and synthetic fraud detectionBiometric analysis and authentication.

Is Sumsub safe?

User data is stored in an encrypted format on our servers, which are kept at Uptime Institute classified Tier III data centers compliant with TIA-942 and PCI DSS standards. The data centers are protected technically and guarded physically around the clock by specially audited security personnel.

Is Onfido verification instant?

It only takes a few seconds. It’s just two simple actions. But behind the scenes, Onfido Video: Combines advanced fraud defense techniques including motion tracking, lip sync and texture analysis to verify that the user is physically present.

Who uses Onfido limited?

With over 400 employees, Onfido has raised $200m in funding and powers over 1,500 customers worldwide including companies like Curve, HSBC, Revolut and Zipcar.

Can jumio be trusted?

As far as identity verification services, Jumio is a pretty safe bet. Be sure to have software developers at your disposal to integrate Jumio into your processes. Review collected by and hosted on

Is jumio verification safe?

Jumio specializes in card recognition and has developed a secure mechanism to accept credit card payments and verify IDs online. Jumio is fulfilling all security requirements and holds a patent pending on this process.

How safe is Veriff?

Estonian-based Veriff is a leading virtual identity verification service provider, working with international clients since 2016. By following strict privacy and data protection principles they’ve built a reliable service for safe and convenient identification.

How does identity verification work?

Identity verification ensures that there is a real person behind a process and proves that the one is who he or she claims to be, preventing both a person from carrying out a process on our behalf without authorization, and creating false identities or commit fraud.

How long does zilch take to verify?

Verifications can take up to 5 business days; however, during busier periods this can be slightly longer. If our teams do need any further information, they’ll be in touch!