What is the highest round ever in btd5?

What is the highest round ever in btd5?

This is a video of the game Bloons Tower Defense 5, round 510 on the map ‘3 Times Around’ on Hard. This is currently the highest round ever reached in freeplay without hacking.

What is the last round in btd5?

There is no known round limit in Freeplay Mode, though it is most likely the 32-bit integer limit (2147483647 rounds). As of the 14.3 version of BTD6, the last round that has Bloons is round 2,147,548, which technically is the “round limit”.

How many levels are in btd5?

The game included five map packs, containing a total of 15 different levels to play, with packs unlocked by completing the previous levels.

Why is round 98 so hard BTD6?

Round 98 is considered one of the toughest rounds in a CHIMPS game, mainly because there are very few single counters to that round for cheap. Additionally, this round often requires the use of many properly timed abilities in order to obliterate the whole round.

Which is the highest round ever round BTD5?

BTD5 – Highest Round Ever – Round 510! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

What’s the highest wave on Bloons Tower Defense 5?

Tsubasa S. reached Wave 1,000 on Bloons Tower Defense 5. All you gotta do is hack a little. I got to stage 9.22e182 once. Of course, once I actually started the round, my computer crashed and I had to reboot it. I have gotten over wave 403. I never use the stupid upgrades, bonuses, or even agents. And I’m on round 195 and still going strong.

Which is the best temple power in BTD5?

–>best temple powers are: 1.rockets 2.corrosive glue ball 3.ice ball that slows down ceramics 4.blades 5.turnados Nonstop,not unstop.What would unstop even be?the bloons stop attacking?