What are the rights of cultural minorities?

What are the rights of cultural minorities?

The persons belonging to minorities have the right to enjoy their own culture, to profess and practise their own religion and to use their own language in private and in public, freely and without interference or any form of discrimination…. The World Conference …

What is an example of minority rights in our society?

Minority rights cover protection of existence, protection from discrimination and persecution, protection and promotion of identity, and participation in political life.

What are the basic rights of minorities?

The Constitution of Pakistan, in article 25 (1), guarantees that “all citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.” Article 5 provides that “adequate provision shall be made for the minorities to freely profess and practice their religions and develop their cultures,” and article 33 …

Which article is for protection of minorities?

Article 29
What is Article 29 of the Indian Constitution? Both Article 29 and Articles 30 guarantee certain right to the minorities. Article 29 protects the interests of the minorities by making a provision that any citizen / section of citizens having a distinct language, script or culture have the right to conserve the same.

What is Turkey’s main ethnic group?

Turkish people are the largest ethnic group, followed by Kurds. The population is relatively young, with 22.8% falling in the 0–14 age bracket. According to OECD/World Bank population statistics, from 1990 to 2008 the population growth in Turkey was 16 million or 29%.

What does minority rights come from?

Minority rights derive from basic international law on human rights, as well as specific treaties and declarations on minority rights, notably the UN Declaration on the Rights of All Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Minorities (UNDM).

Why is it important to protect minority rights?

Central to the rights of minorities are the promotion and protection of their identity. Promoting and protecting their identity prevents forced assimilation and the loss of cultures, religions and languages—the basis of the richness of the world and therefore part of its heritage.

How are the rights of minorities protected?

Article 3 of this declaration guarantees persons belonging to minorities the right to exercise their rights individually and in community with others without discrimination. It was adopted by the General Assembly resolution 47/135 of 18 December 1992[7].

What checks and balances protect the rights of the minority?

Two other places the Constitution addresses majority rule and minority rights are in Article VI of the Constitution and the First Amendment. Article VI ensures that the Constitution, federal laws, and treaties take precedence over state laws. It is through these rights that the minority stays protected.