Is Iittala crystal or glass?

Is Iittala crystal or glass?

Iittala’s official i-logo was designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1956….Iittala.

Industry Glass
Parent Fiskars

Is Iittala oven safe?

Oven safe: Most Iittala cooking and porcelain items are oven safe up to 250 ºC. The base of the dish should be covered with liquid or food while in the oven. Do not place a hot Iittala dish in the freezer or a cold dish in a hot oven.

Can you put Iittala glasses in dishwasher?

The glass used in Iittala glassware is high quality and optically very clear. It resists both chemical and mechanical wear well. All of Iittala’s utility glasses can be washed in the dishwasher.

How do I clean my Iittala?

To clean these items use regular dish washing detergent and a soft dish washing brush. Rinse well and leave to dry or dry with a soft cloth. For glass vases we recommend hand washing. If there are stubborn stains on your flower vase, soak the vase in 1dl laundry detergent to one liter of water.

What is Orrefors glass?

Orrefors glassworks (also known as just Orrefors) is a glassworks in the Swedish village Orrefors in Småland. Orrefors manufactured crystal glassware and art glass. The range consisted of crystal stemware, barware, vases, and sculptures and lighting products in crystal.

Is Iittala lead free?

Iittala products are lead free.

Should you remove Iittala sticker?

If your Finnish friends present you with gifts made of glass, these most likely carry a red round sticker with a white ‘i’ on it. Whatever you do, do not remove this sticker – ever! This sticker marks the brand ‘iittala’, a brand that Finns love and are very proud of!

How do you take care of glass dishes?

Washing Glassware

  1. Always wash new glasses before first use.
  2. Hand wash glasses individually.
  3. Do not soak with other glasses to reduce the chance of mechanical shock.
  4. Use a suitable detergent and warm water with a non abrasive sponge or cloth.

Can vintage dishes go in the dishwasher?

It’s best to keep any vintage or gold trimmed items out of the dishwasher. The color and detailed patterns from vintage and antique pieces can get faded in the dishwasher. And while ceramic and porcelain may seem vintage, they’re safe to put in the dishwasher just as long as they aren’t hand painted.

Is Orrefors crystal high quality?

The company. Orrefors Kosta Boda AB is a design company in the Swedish province of Småland that designs and makes high-quality utility glassware and art glass. Genuine glasswork environment close to the craftsmanship and the designers.

How do you date Orrefors glass?

Look at the bottom of the art-glass piece: “Orrefors” should be engraved on the bottom in cursive, along with letter and number identifiers. Note the letter identifier. If the letters “G,” “H” or “L” appear first, followed only by a number, then the piece was produced between 1917 and 1931.

Is Orrefors crystal lead free?

Most crystal glasses from Orrefors can be machine washed. Our glasses have been able to withstand high temperatures since 1991 when we stopped using lead, and now, detergents and dishwashers have become so gentle that we can say it over and over again: most Orrefors glasses can be machine washed.