Who owns the tank Museum in Danville VA?

Who owns the tank Museum in Danville VA?

William Gasser
That’s no freak security guard; it’s William Gasser, the owner. He rides the trike because it’s the only way he can keep an eye on all of his tanks. William Gasser and WWI tank. William, a New York industrialist and self-described “former millionaire,” bought his first armored fighting vehicle in the 1970s.

How many tanks are at the AAF tank Museum?

120 tanks
The collection presently has over 120 tanks and artillery pieces, 150 mid size weapons, over 1500 Tank and cavalry uniforms, 1300 pieces of headgear, pins, patches, and other military memorabilia all pertaining to the Tank and Cavalry.

What tanks are at the AAF tank Museum?

The tank museum’s exhibits are all indoors and consist of: Tanks, most of which are from the US Army and Marine Corps, with a few Iraqi armored vehicles, a Soviet T-34/85 Medium Tank, and the museum’s most prized vehicle, a complete German WWII Panzer Mk IV Medium Tank. A variety of US Armored Personnel Carriers.

Are there any tank museums in the US?

The American Heritage Museum features one of the world’s largest collection of armored vehicles and tanks.

Where can I go to see a tank?

And if after renting a tank you decide you really need one of these monsters in your life, you can could always go and buy one instead.

  • Ox Hunting Ranch. Ox Hunting Ranch.
  • Drive A Tank. Drive A Tank.
  • Battlefield Vegas. Battlefield Vegas.
  • Irish Military War Museum. Irish Military War Museum.
  • Tank Town USA. Tank Town USA.

What is the largest military museum in the US?

Known as the world’s largest museum, education and research complex, the Smithsonian is home to a staggering array of military items, including ordnance, firearms and swords, uniforms and insignia, national and military flags and banners, and many other objects.