What happens if you choose to fight Magus?

What happens if you choose to fight Magus?

If you decide to battle Magus with just Frog you’ll be facing a somewhat tricksy fight. Having lost much of his magic, Magus nevertheless retains his second tier elemental spells, and he likes smacking Frog around with physical attacks on a regular basis.

What is Magus Chrono Trigger?

Magus (魔王 Maō?, “Maoh” in the Japanese version, literally “demon king”) is a character in Chrono Trigger, and is the dark mage waging war against the Kingdom of Guardia in 600 A.D.. Magus was originally Janus (ジャキ Jaki?, “Jaki” in the Japanese version), the young prince of Zeal in Antiquity (12,000 BC).

How do you get Magus in Chrono Trigger?

He can be recruited anytime after defeating the Blackbird. He is found in North Cape (meeting him is still an essential part of the story).

What happens to Magus after Chrono Trigger?

Magus as Guile. At the end of Chrono Trigger DS, Magus erases his own identity and begins anew with the feeling he must search for something.

What happens if frog kills Magus?

1 Answer. If you face Magus in Noth Cape with Frog on face to face battle, sparing him or killing him will result in this ending after defeating lavos. Furthermore, killing or sparing him changes a little the final sequence but in both cases Frog becomes Glenn (human) again.

What happens if you don’t fight Magus?

If Frog or the party chooses not to fight Magus, he joins the party. If Frog or the party takes him up on the offer, the second boss fight against Magus takes place. Because his power was drained away during the battle with Lavos, he can only use Lightning II, Fire II, and Ice II.

Is Magus a bad guy?

Type of Villain Magus is one of the main antagonists and later an anti-hero from Chrono Trigger.

What happened to Dalton Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Trigger DS After his defeat atop the Epoch, Dalton fell into a Golem-summoning Gate that deposited him in the Dimensional Vortex, a collection of lost time fragments jammed together in temporal instability.

Can Magus beat frogs?

Even so, his magic attacks can still do a good amount of damage and hit all if unprepared. If Frog is one of the three front-line characters and you choose to fight Magus, Frog will fight Magus alone.

How many endings does Chrono Trigger have?

12 endings
Chrono Trigger is something of a miracle. On top of everything else it does with near perfection, it finds the time to deliver drama, development, and jokes via more than 12 endings that take hours to seek out.