How can I get Spotify without ads?

How can I get Spotify without ads?

Method 1: Auto Mute Ads

  1. Launch Play Store on your device, search SpotMute and download it.
  2. Open the Spotify app and tap on the Settings cog icon located at the top-right corner.
  3. Scroll down until you find Device Broadcast Status and enable the toggle switch right next to it.
  4. Close Spotify and launch SpotMute.

Why does Spotify have so many ads?

So than how come so many ads, is that to earn money to pay the artists and everything? Yes. Spotify money are going from ads to employees payroll and for artists/recordlabels based to streaming plays. Paid customers are paying those from their month fees.

Why does Spotify play an ad after every song?

But obviously, not every active user is a Premium subscriber. Such users contribute to Spotify revenue by listening to ads that pop up between every few songs or so. Lately though, the free-tier userbase has taken to social media to complain that Spotify is forcing them to listen to ads after EVERY song.

Did Spotify increase ads?

Among Spotify users who already listen to podcasts, podcast listening increased 30% year over year, with total hours consumed up 95%. Meanwhile, podcast ad revenue increased by 627%, which outperformed expectations.

Why does Spotify have so much ads?

As a premium user, I am happy they are increasing ads instead of increasing monthly fees. It makes sense to me, as I am sure royalties have increased with the popularity of the service. More ads = more revenue. Make it just annoying enough and people will decide to bump up to premium.

Did Spotify increase 2021 ads?

Spotify attributes this success to a triple-digit year-over-year gain at its in-house studios (The Ringer, Parcast, Spotify Studios and Gimlet) and exclusive deals with “The Joe Rogan Experience” and the Obamas’ Higher Ground studio. …