How much does Old Fitzgerald whiskey cost?

How much does Old Fitzgerald whiskey cost?

The Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond spring 2021 edition has a suggested retail price of $85 per 750-ml. bottle. It is available nationwide on an allocated basis. This follows the recent release from Heaven Hill of the company’s first Elijah Craig and Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbons in 2021.

What distillery makes Old Fitzgerald?

Heaven Hill
In 1999, Heaven Hill bought the brand and began distilling it at Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, KY. Today, in addition to our Old Fitzgerald Decanter Series, the legacy of Old Fitzgerald lives on in our other wheated Bourbons expressions: Larceny Small Batch and Larceny Barrel Proof.

Who Makes Old Fitzgerald Prime Bourbon?

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
Old Fitzgerald is a brand of sour mash bourbon currently distilled in Louisville, Kentucky by Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Beginning in 1870, Old Fitzgerald was first produced for rail and steamship lines and private clubs primarily located in the south by John E. Fitzgerald in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Do they still make Old Fitzgerald whiskey?

Around 1900, “Old Fitz” was released to the public in America and Europe. It was one of the few distilled using the pot still method, and continued to do so until around 1913. In 1999, Diageo sold the brand, along with the Bernheim Distillery, to Heaven Hill, which currently produces and markets Old Fitzgerald.

What Bourbons does Willett make?

The Whiskeys

  • Willett Pot Still Reserve 47% alc./vol. ( 94 proof)
  • Willett Family Estate Bottled Bourbon cask strength.
  • Willett Family Estate Bottled 4 Year Rye cask strength.
  • Rowan’s Creek 50.05% alc./vol. ( 100.1 proof)
  • Pure Kentucky 53% alc./vol. ( 107 proof)
  • Noah’s Mill 57.15% alc./vol. ( 114.3 proof)

What is the most expensive bourbon in the world?

The World’s Most Expensive Bourbons

Wine Name Ave Price
Colonel EH Taylor Old Fashioned Sour Mash $24,719
The Last Drop Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon $18,320
Eagle Rare Double Eagle Very Rare 20 Year Old $15,915
Old Rip Van Winkle Handmade Family Reserve 16 Year Old $14,999