Does Tandy still make computers?

Does Tandy still make computers?

Eventually, in the early 1990s, Tandy Corporation sold its computer-manufacturing business to AST Computers, and all Tandy computer lines were terminated. When that occurred, Radio Shack stores began selling computers made by other manufacturers, such as Compaq.

What was the last Tandy computer?

The T-1000 was Tandy’s last attempt in the home computer market. In the early 1990’s Tandy Corporation sold its computer manufacturing business to “AST Computers”. When that occurred, instead of selling Tandy computers, Radio Shack stores began selling computers made by other manufacturers, such as “Compaq”.

Is Tandy Leather still in business?

Tandy Leather Factory, Inc. is an American specialty retailer and wholesale distributor of leather and leatherwork related products. It operates more than 100 stores worldwide….Tandy Leather Factory.

Formerly The Leather Factory, Inc.
Revenue $78.284 million (2013)
Operating income $11.226 million (2013)
Net income $7.265 million (2013)

Who made the Tandy 1000?

NAME 1000 HX
MANUFACTURER Tandy Radio Shack
TYPE Home Computer
YEAR 1987

When did Tandy come out with the Tandy 1000EX?

Tandy bundled MS-DOS 2.1 and DeskMate software with their 1000, and this software would see numerous refreshes and enhancements over the life of the 1000 series as an easy-to-use graphical user interface. In late 1986, Tandy released the 1000EX for use in the home or in schools.

What kind of hard drive does Tandy 1000rl use?

This is an RL-HD as you can see from the nameplate (above); it came originally with a 20MB Seagate ST325X drive. The hard drive interface on the motherboard supports XT IDE drives, an uncommon drive type and not compatible with ATA drives that use the same connectors and cables.

What kind of software does Tandy bundled DeskMate use?

Tandy bundled DeskMate, a graphical suite of consumer-oriented applications, with various Tandy 1000 models. Early Tandy 1000 models used Phoenix BIOS. Common models of the machine included the Tandy 1000, 1000 EX, 1000 HX, 1000 SX, 1000 TX, 1000 SL, 1000 RL, and 1000 TL.

Is the Tandy 1000rl 8086 socketed or not?

The 8086 is not socketed (hence no V30 upgrade is possible), and there is no math coprocessor socket. In the other picture you see the riser card connector.