Should I buy a GTI or Focus ST?

Should I buy a GTI or Focus ST?

The GTI is arguably a better family vehicle purely because of the roomier cargo area and back seats. The rest of the interior of the GTI is more refined overall than that of the Focus ST’s with nicer materials, a more premium design and a sleek infotainment system.

Is Focus better than Golf?

If you really enjoy driving, the Focus is better. If you want a car that’s more relaxing, the Golf is the one to go for. Both cars are available with a wide range of engines that are strong enough for high-speed driving. There’s a plug-in hybrid Golf available, too.

What is the Focus ST faster than?

The Focus ST is 0.4 seconds faster than the Fiesta and it’s top speed is also 17mph higher at 154mph. Despite this, the Fiesta ST feels just as fast and even more exciting to drive.

Is a GTI faster than St?

Performance. The Focus ST and Volkswagen Golf GTI are performance hatchbacks, so they are focused on power-to-weight ratios instead of raw power. Despite its reduced output, the Golf GTI is quicker to 60 mph than the Focus ST at 6.2 seconds with the manual and six seconds with the dual-clutch transmission.

Which is more reliable Ford or Volkswagen?

Ford’s infotainment system, SYNC and MyFord Touch, has received a number of critical reviews by both consumers and professionals. Also, according to a study released by J.D. Power, Ford had an overall worse dependability rating than Volkswagen.

Why are VW so popular?

Volkswagen vehicles are well assembled, safe, well equipped, and cheap and have good performance levels; this is ultimately what makes it the preferred vehicle of choice in several European countries and the world.

Is a Golf GTI faster than a Focus ST?

Which is better the Volkswagen Golf GTI or the Ford Focus ST?

It’s worth noting that the GTI got a slight power increase for the 2019 model year being bumped up from 220 hp to 228 hp. That brings it closer to the Focus ST in power, but the Ford still has the Volkswagen beat in pure performance numbers.

What’s the price of a new Ford Focus ST?

The GTI comes standard with a 6.5-in touchscreen that’s upgradable to an 8-in unit available, both of which come standard with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The 2019 Focus ST is the more affordable hot hatch between these two. The Ford has a starting MSRP of $25,170 and the GTI starts at $27,595.

What kind of mpg does the Focus ST get?

However, the GTI is available with a 7-speed DCT automatic, which makes it return 25 mpg city/31 mpg hwy. Enthusiasts will appreciate the manual in the Focus ST, but the availability of an automatic makes the GTI more available to more drivers.

Is the Focus ST a limited slip differential?

The Focus ST does not have a limited-slip differential (LSD). Instead, it uses a brake-based system called torque vectoring control. The base GTI S doesn’t have a mechanical LSD either, but uses a similar electronic system to the Focus. The upper GTI trims with the Performance Package do have LSDs though.