How do I link a subform to a main form in Access?

How do I link a subform to a main form in Access?

How to Add a Subform to a Form in Access 2016

  1. Open the Form.
  2. Expand the Controls Toolbar.
  3. Select the Subform Option.
  4. Select the Data Source to use for the SubForm.
  5. Select the Fields.
  6. Choose the Linking Field.
  7. Name the Subform.
  8. The Subform in Design View.

How do you reference a subform in Access VBA?

To Access, a subform is just another control. To refer to it, use the name of the control. refers to the subfrmOrders subform on the frmCustomer form as a control. To refer to a control on a subform, use the Form property to tell Access that you are referring to the subform as a form, not as a control.

How do you refresh a form in Access?

When you share a database over a network, Microsoft Access updates the information at set intervals. To view the most current data, refresh the records from either Datasheet or Form view, on the Home tab, click Refresh All >Refresh.

What is main form and subform in MS Access?

The main table and child table records can be viewed in the access forms separately. A subform is a form that is inserted in another form. The primary form is called the main form. A form/subform combination is sometimes referred to as a hierarchical form, a master/detail form, or a parent/child form.

How do you reference a subform?

Subform2 is the name of the subform CONTROL on the 1st subform….

If you are on Download Doc version
To refer to a control
On Mainform Me!ControlName Me.Parent!ControlName
On Sub 1 Me!Subform1.Form!ControlName Me!ControlName
On Sub 2 Me!Subform1.Form!Subform2.Form!ControlName Me!Subform2.Form!ControlName

What is subform control in access?

The subform control provides properties which allow you to link the data displayed in the control to the data on the main form. The subform control displays a datasheet when its source object is a table or query, or when its source object is a form whose Default View property is set to Datasheet.