Where is Mambo clothing made?

Where is Mambo clothing made?

Mambo Graphics (also, 100% Mambo; and marketed as Mambo) is an Australian company designer of clothing….Mambo Graphics.

Type Subsidiary
Founders Dare Jennings and Andrew Rich
Headquarters Alexandria, Sydney , Australia
Area served Worldwide
Products Surfing wetsuits, casual wear

Who created Mambo clothing?

founder Dare Jennings
Established in 1984 by founder Dare Jennings, Mambo built its foundations on an irreverent combination of art, humour, music and surf.

Is Mambo a brand?

Mambo is a fashion and lifestyle brand established in Australia in 1984 by founder Dare Jennings, Built on the four pillars of Art, Surf, Music and Humour.

Are Mambo shirts still made?

The shirts are emblazoned with colourful – and often profound – graphics, representing a counterculture to the countries right-wing. When the Mambo brand exchanged hands in 2000 the loud shirt range was discontinued by the company’s new owners, but the damage had already been done.

Who bought Mambo?

Saban Brands
Australian surfwear brand, Mambo, has been sold to US-based private investment firm, Saban Brands, for an undisclosed sum. Mambo will join Saban Brands’ newly formed Saban Brands Lifestyle Group (SBLG) which includes apparel labels Paul Frank and Macbeth.

Who owns deus ex machina?

Dare Jennings
Design Your Life podcast Episode 016, Vince Frost in conversation with Aussie-made-global icons Dare Jennings and Carby Tuckwell, founders of cult brand Deus ex Machina.

Who is the Mambo artist?

Christopher O’Doherty, also known by the pseudonym Reg Mombassa, is an Australian New Zealand-born artist and musician. He is a founding member of the band Mental As Anything and member of Dog Trumpet (alongside his brother Peter O’Doherty).

Where is Mambo sold?

Mambo is sold throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

Who started Deus?

Dare, founder of quintessential Aussie surf brand Mambo, and Carby, former creative director of Moon Design, launched Deus ex Machina into Australia’s cultural consciousness in 2006, with some neatly customised motorcycles and a quaint notion that ‘doing something’ is more fun than just ‘owning something’.

Who owns Mambo Australia?

Saban Capital Group
Mambo Graphics/Parent organizations