What happened to Laura Peters?

What happened to Laura Peters?

Friends said she was found dead by a roommate this morning in her Echo Park home. She had been suffering recently from migraines. No other details were available, said her band’s publicist.

Who was Lauri Peters married to?

Jon Voightm. 1962–1967
Lauri Peters/Spouse

Who is actress Lauri Peters Gunsmoke?

Lauri played the young, startlingly cute “Mayblossom Haggen”, the sweet, down-home Texas cousin promised to marry “Festus Haggen” in the 1964 episode Gunsmoke: Mayblossom (1964). She also appeared in a second Gunsmoke (1955) episode, Gunsmoke: Take Her, She’s Cheap (1964), in 1964, where she portrayed “Allie”.

Who is Lori Peters?

Lori Peters-George (formerly Lori Peters), born November 29, 1973, is the former drummer for Skillet. In December of 2007, she felt like it was time to begin a new chapter of her life and so she trained Jen Ledger, Skillet’s current drummer, to take her place.

Did Laurie Peters sing in summer holiday?

The film’s producers felt that female lead in the film, Lauri Peters, was not a strong enough singer after several test recording sessions, and all of her parts, both in the film and on the soundtrack album, were dubbed by session vocalist Grazina Frame.

Why did Lori Peters Leave skillet?

Why did Lori Peters leave the band? Well she’s been doing it a long time and just wanted to move on, try some new things. She did love being on the road. We still go to church together, and I saw her about a month ago.

How old is Cliff Richard now?

81 years (October 14, 1940)
Cliff Richard/Age

Sir Cliff Richard, born Harry Rodger Webb, is 80 years of age. He was born on October 14 1940 in Lucknow, which was then part of British India.

Is Cliff Richard a vegetarian?

‘People who’ve never met me think I’m a teetotal vegetarian,’ he says. ‘They’re shocked when I tell them I eat red meat and love wine. I admire vegetarians, but I couldn’t see the future without a good steak.