How do you get the answer key of Aiats?

How do you get the answer key of Aiats?

Aakash AIATS answer key is released by Aakash Digital after every test session to help the students get the right answers. Students can visit the official website of Aakash Digital – and can download the answer key for AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series).

How much should I score in Aakash Aiats?

Try to get a score of 120+ in Physics and Chemistry each. So, if you are scoring 45 0 + in AIATS , then you stand a good chance of getting into a good medical college though NEET. All the best !!

What is a good Aiats mark?

To be on the safe side you must be getting 550-560 marks in aiats to get above 600 in neet.

What is Aiats of Aakash?

All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) gives school students an experience of taking real exam to help them gain confidence for competitive and entrance exams. AIATS by Aakash provides students a virtual test environment.Helps students check their rank at All India Level.

How can I give Aakash fortnightly test online?

Steps for Writing the Online Exam Visit or download the Aakash CBT app on the App Store or Google Pay. Login with your user id and password on the web or app. Write the exam and click submit on completion.

Is Aiats difficult?

Personally I feel AIATS questions are a bit difficult to solve but definitely they prepare you for finals . Now the thing is these tests works well when you give 100 % to prepare for each AIATS and after you give test then evaluate it for your weak areas then working on them .

Is Aiats difficult than Jee?

Answer. According, to the students reviews Aakash AIATS are very helpful to prepare for JEE (Main+Advanced). Level of the test series is same as JEE exam. Aakash provide study material seperate for Mains and Advanced.

Is Aiats tougher than Jee?

Can Aakash students give anthe?

Students can enroll for Aakash ANTHE by registering with a fee of Rs 99/- (including GST). So basically, one can get up to 100% scholarship for his/her favorite program in just Rs. 99/-.