What happened Gas Monkey F40?

What happened Gas Monkey F40?

The infamous black Ferrari F40 crashed long ago and then put back together by Gas Monkey Garage has just sold again—though this time it traded hands at a U.S. Marshall’s auction in California.

Who owns the gas monkey F40 now?

This particular F40 has a chequered history. It was built from the remains of a crashed car by the Gas Monkey Garage team. The donor car was crashed in 2014 by a mechanic in Atlanta, Georgia. Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman purchased it as a salvage title for $400,000.

How much did Dennis sell the F40 for?

5 Winner: 1991 Ferrari F40 Rawlings’ business partner, Dennis Collins, bought the car for $400,000. Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman did a full rebuild, making it straighter, lighter, and faster, and sold it for $643,500—over a $243,000 profit!

How much did gas monkey make on the F40?

The crew at Gas Monkey Garage reportedly paid $400,000 for the wrecked F40, a car that few would be brave enough to gamble on rebuilding.