Is dormitory available in railway station?

Is dormitory available in railway station?

What is Railways Retiring Room? Railways Retiring Rooms are rooms which are available on Railway Stations across India, They are available in Single, Double and Dormitory type of occupancy with AC and Non AC combination.

Is retiring room available now?

Considering the convenience of passengers, Railways has decided to allow operation of retiring room at stations subject to fulfillment of protocols issued by the Government. This convenience was discontinued post announcement of lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Can we book retiring room at boarding station?

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) provides accommodation offered by Indian Railways known as a retiring room available at all major railway stations across India. The first and necessary requirement before proceeding with booking retiring rooms is to have a confirmed ticket.

Is dormitory available in NDLS?

There are essentially three types of rooms – dormitory, two bedded with air conditioner and two bedded without air conditioner.

How do I check if a retiring room is available?

Visit the railway station nearest to your residence having a Retiring Room with online booking facility. The Retiring Room Booking Facility at railway stations is situated inside or next to CTI office, Enquiry Counter of Current Booking Counter. It is managed by On-duty TE of the railway station.

Do railway retiring rooms have bathrooms?

Currently, the facilities in retiring rooms include AC and non-AC rooms with attached/common bathrooms, AC and non-AC dormitories with common bathrooms, limited food and beverages services, and lockers.

Can I book railway retiring room without ticket?

Passengers cannot book the retiring rooms with a waiting ticket. Passengers travelling with confirm ticket or RAC ticket can only book the retiring rooms. When the retiring rooms are booked online, it could not be cancelled offline or from the counter. Identity proof is required while booking retiring rooms.

Is railway dormitory safe?

That is why we call our hotels service as Hotels by Hours. Think about it – the retiring rooms are placed within the railway station premises and anyone can walk into them. The hotels are completely safe and secure. So, you can rest or leave the room without worrying about your luggage.